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Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Fragile Skin Therapy

Wow, that is a mouthful, “Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Fragile Skin Therapy” Body Treatment with Growth Factor Peptides, Micro-Hyaluronic Acid, retinol! I received this amazing full size 6 oz. lotion in an Influenster VoxBox a couple of weeks ago. Now if you are familiar with any peptide, acid serum or lotion type skin therapies, they take a little time to begin showing signs of success. I am pretty confident that this treatment will follow suit and it has only been a couple of weeks, so I call it as I do my other new serums I have started using, “T.E.T.T” How is that for an acronym? LOL Too Early To Tell. However, I will say it glides on like silk, does not feel greasy, heavy or grainy in any way. Here are a few images of the lotion and packaging.

Perricone says of this skin therapy lotion, “This multi-tasking powerhouse dramatically promotes the most visible signs of stronger, more resilient skin on the arms, shins and other fragile areas prone to damage or bruising. Our proprietary liquid crystal delivery system allows for fast and deep penetration of key ingredients and hydration to nourish, strengthen and replenish. Dramatically improves the appearance of thin, crepey and delicate skin, leaving it feeling smoother and firmer.” And…”Promotes the most visible signs of stronger skin on arms, shins and other fragile areas.
Dramatically improves the appearance of thin, crepey and delicate skin, leaving it feeling smoother and firmer.”

And here are some of their test results, which you can see why only two weeks for me is TETT!

Clinical Results
100% showed an improvement in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, skin crepiness*

• 94% showed an improvement in skin density & skin barrier function*
• 82% showed an improvement in skin tone evenness***
*In a clinical study of 33 women over 4 weeks
***In a clinical study of 33 women at 8 weeks
• Consumer Results
94% saw smoothing of rough, damaged skin**
87% saw an improvement in fragile skin & felt skin had more elasticity**
**In a consumer study of 99 women over 4 weeks”

Again, it is too early to tell a difference, but I am anticipating good things from this high-end product. I am testing it on my neck, chest and the top of my hands. You can also use it on your shins, however I won’t need it there, my skin is pretty tough there but one can use it anywhere they feel their skin is fragile and vulnerable to damage or thinning.

I would love to be on the VoxBox list for future Perricone MD products for my sun-challenged skin. I am on a new and purposeful path to improving my skin. I am no spring chicken. LOL I will update you when I have more to report on my Instagram @lacqueredLori.


It is MSRP $99, and can be purchased at Perriconemd.com, or at Sephora. Inquire with your local Sephora on availability.

**I received this product through the Influenster program free of charge for complimentary and testing purposes, and was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.

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Double duty powders, marbleizing media by Born Pretty

The other day I received this beautiful little package of nail art goodies from Born Pretty Nail and I love them all! They sent me for review, two powders that can either be used like a normal dip powder system, or as I did, chromed with no wipe gel top coat. Also if you haven’t heard of alcohol inks for nails, get ready to fall in love with these two! Oh and one little delicate beauty, a pearly white stamping polish! Let’s take a look now!

BP-ET07 Flowing Clouds stamping polish is a delicate pearly white stamping polish with an amazing formula. #42855
from the Earth Tone stamping series
BP-H106 The Glory of Star Blooming Alcohol ink (blooming) in a gorgeous blue #44181
BP-H106 Constant Jade Blooming Alcohol ink (blooming) is great for marbling over any matte surface. #44181
Bp-CDP04 Sahara Eye Dipping Powder is a duo chrome finish when rubbed on like chrome pigments, switches from cerulean blue to purple, can also be dipped. #45778 10ml
Effect: Mirror OR Dipping effect Chameleon Powder
Bp-CDP07 Wave Rock Dipping Powder alternates from rusty-red, to bronze to deep rose. #45778 10ml
Effect: Mirror OR Dipping effect Chameleon Powder

Here are the links to today’s items!

Earth Tone Stamping Series #42855BP-ET07 Flowing clouds pearly white stamping polish

Wave Rock BP-CDP07 CHAMELEON POWDER DIPPING SYSTEM#45778 10ml Effect: Mirror OR Dipping effect Chameleon Powder

SAHARAH EYE BP-CDP04 CHAMELEON POWDER DIPPING SYSTEM#45778 10ml Effect: Mirror OR Dipping effect Chameleon Powder

#44181 BP-HI06 Constant Jade

#44181 BP-HI01 The Glory of Star

Called Blooming however it is actually an alcohol ink product for use over a matte finish for marbling, etc.

Remember to use my 10% OFF Discount Code! PPL01 On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

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*Items were sent to me at no cost for my honest review.

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Konjac and derma rollers, I can explain ;-)

So, you know we all age, and some of us more gracefully than others. I accept the silver hairs among my golden locks, so I “highlight” my hair. No biggie. But it is thinning, I am not okay with that. And my skin is suffering from years of unprotected sun exposure. My bad! Sun is good, and so is vitamin D. But too much of a good thing blah, blah, blah. LOL So now I am being Post Active. No proactive. I am having to make up for my “maturing” ways and lack of healthy skin care. Here is my current plan. Derma rolling, exfoliation and healthy acids like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serums. I have Youtubed and online shopped till my eyes bled to research what I needed and how to use them. So I am off to a good start. And any manufacturers by the way interested in having me test and review their natural products here, let me know! Let’s take a look at my most recent skin care items from one particularly amazing eBay seller, Joy!

Here is the 192 stainless steel needle derma roller I got from eBay seller Joy, of Bluemarcompany. Finally, actual needles, not the saw blades like most you find online. This one is .5mm and Joy also sells a .25mm model.
Joy, eBay seller of Bluemarcompany sent me these three styles of Konjac sponges. From left charcoal, center is natural, and on the right is green tea infused.

Now for the disclaimer, I purchased two of the .5mm derma rollers, and she sent me the three konjac sponges to try so I told her I would most certainly would love to test them out on my blog! Also, I will post in the future after taking before and after shots of my skin, not my whole face (you don’t want to see my face 😉 a few months into this process. Derma rolling is not a quick fix, with empty promises and faked outcomes. It is a long proven method of encouraging the skin’s sluggish collagen production to plump up, produce more collagen from the microscopic punctures placed on the skin from derma rolling. Please watch YouTube videos by the pros people. I am not an esthetician or doctor. I will only say that my plan is to derma roll with a .5mm roller max 2 times a week. I plan to use a .75 on my scalp, as this really does encourage new hair growth, 1-2 times per week. I also will be derma rolling my lips, neck and chest, and backs of my hands.

Sanitization methods I am comfortable with will be clean washed and rinsed skin. Then alcohol pad dabbed over my skin. Alcohol before and after sprayed or poured over the roller. I don’t want any nasty bacteria setting up shop on my skin or rollers. Then within an hour after rolling I will apply my serum(s). It is always best to do this about an hour before bed to give your skin time to rest and recoup from the procedure. Also, I might mention I have researched and the general consensus by pros, is .25mm needles may be used daily, but they don’t go deep enough to cause the beneficial collagen producing micro wounds. So the .25mm is good for a daily treatment (or around the delicate eye zone) which puncture the superficial top layer of the skin, which in turn allows your daily or nightly serums to penetrate better and be more beneficial. I plan to use the .25 nightly for my lips then once a week use .5mm on my lips for rejuvenation and plumping. Yes, it really does that! Info from the derma roller she sells.

“• 192 Individual Stainless Steel Needles. Each needles is installed individually in the aqua roller and each needle is quite sharp.
• Derma rollers are an excellent beauty tool for softening wrinkles, lightening facial scars and shrinking pores.
• It works by puncturing the skin and creating micro injuries that then stimulate collagen and elastin production.
• Using a derma roller before applying your facial serums and moisturizers will allow deeper penetration and more absorption. We recommend using Vitamin C serum, or any other serum you may be using, immediately after using the derma roller.
• This derma roller is a safe and cost effective way of brightening your skin at home everyday.
• Perfect gift for anyone!
• Return Policy: We offer a 30 day return to any unsatisfied customer for a full refund.”

The konjac sponges are pretty amazing in their own right. Very refreshing and I use them without drying soaps. Best way to exfoliate naturally. And the ones my eBay seller, Joy, sells are quite large. I might mention, Joy also sells on Amazon, links will be below. I am overjoyed to find a seller of these items that are legit. I have been burned by some overseas sellers that post them with photos taken from other sellers. Then the item arrives and it is a cheap knock off version. Here are Joy’s Amazon and eBay links.


Amazon links for konjac sponges:


Konjac sponges are made from the dried ground root of the konjac, also known as the elephant yam which is native to Asia. Konjac root has many vitamins and minerals which naturally nourish the skin.
These sponges gently exfoliate the skin leaving it softer than before. The Pure White sponges are especially popular for those with sensitive skin. 
Moms love it for their babies since it is 100% natural and free of any other added ingredient. Completely safe for sensitive skin.

Green tea infused konjac sponges come in packs of two, individually packaged. 
100% NATURAL and BIODEGRADABLE. It can even be composted with your fruits and vegetables, making it safe for the environment and safe for your skin. Each sponge comes with a string attached for ease of drying.
These sponges gently exfoliate your skin leaving it smoother and softer than before.
The green tea, infused in the sponges, helps to shrink pores. Green tea contains tannins that act as a natural astringent for the skin. These tannins help to reduce sebum, the skins natural oils, and in turn, reduces pore size.
Green Tea has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which is especially beneficial for the skin when used topically.


The activated charcoal helps to draw out dirt and bacteria from your pores, which helps to soothe acne prone skin.

That is all I have today guys! I am super excited about this journey and I truly wish I had started 10 years ago.

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Zoya Innocence is here now!

Zoya always have a great transitional collection for each time of year. Innocence is one of those and I’m loving it, well, to be honest, only one loses my love this time. But the rest are the Bee’s knees 😉 Read on!

Pinky and ring finger…Birch can best be described as a gentle greiged lavender in a full coverage cream formula.
Color Family – purple
Finish – Cream, Intensity – 4 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Cool
Middle and Pointer…Agnes can best be described as a warm toned muted blush in a full coverage cream formula.
Color Family – neutral, pink
Finish – Cream
Intensity – 4 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Warm
Pinky and Ring fingers…Evette can best be described as a softened grape with a pink undertone to balance, in a full coverage cream formula.
Color Family – purple
Finish – Cream
Intensity – 5 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Cool
Middle and Pointer…Aire can best be described as a deep, dusty periwinkle blue in a full coverage cream formula.
Color Family – blue, periwinkle
Finish – Cream
Intensity – 5 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Cool
Pinky and ring fingers…Fern can best be described as a balanced sage with a beautiful warm pearl accent.
Color Family – green
Finish – Pearl
Intensity – 4 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Neutral *More gray than green with a subtle hat of gold shimmer!
Middle & pointer fingers…Theo can best be described as a stormy grey with subtle texture featuring a flash of larger irregular silver flakies in silver, with dark blue glitter throughout. Like a spring thunderstorm in the night.
Color Family – grey, special effect
Finish – Special Effect
Intensity – 4 (1 = Sheer – 5 = Opaque)Tone – Cool I want to like it, but I don’t!

What do you think? A couple perfect neutrals, a couple of dusky shades, and a couple stormy colors for those gray in-between days. All available now at Zoya.com.

Get Innocence now at Zoya.com Happy Valentines Day!

*Products were sent to me at no cost and all opinions are my own.
@zoyanailpolish #ZoyaInnocence #ZoyaAire #ZoyaTheo #ZoyaFern #ZoyaEvette #ZoyaBirch #ZoyaAgnes #EveryDayZoya

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Born Pretty Store, perfect place for pretty nails!

More lovely nail art products this month, the month of Love and Valentines, from the Born Pretty Store! Two amazing stamping gel tube shades, a magnetic cat eye “regular” polish, and a cat eye gel polish. Lookie!

Check out the links for these beauties!

6ml BORN PRETTY Pink Nude Magnetic Cat Eye Gel
BP-RM05 Summer Fire  #43155

BORN PRETTY 6ml Holographic Cat Eye Nail Polish
BP-HCE06 Secret Language  #45612

BORN PRETTY 8ml Stamping Gels
BP-FW07 Red Forever  #44587

BORN PRETTY 8ml Stamping Gels
BP-FW04 Hibiscus  #44587

CONLUSION: I loved every one of these!

Remember to use my 10% OFF Discount Code! PPL01 On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

My 10% OFF Code PPL91

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*Items were sent to me at no cost for my honest review.

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Vision Gel Systems & Imagination Station are one hot team!

I had so much fun with these pigments, glitters and chrome from Imagination Station via Vision Gel Systems! I didn’t do anything too fancy. I’m having a bit of an issue with a painful frozen shoulder, so my swatching game has to be somewhat abbreviated! But I wanted to show you my swatches even if they were pretty plain and really, the products are pretty spectacular on their own! Let’s take a peek.

Vision Gel also sent me these Imagination Station neon pigments to show off! I’m loving this hot purple and hot pink!

Oh man, get out your shades because these two from the neon pigment set are so so bright! Love this bright yellow and green!

I’m a sucker for all coral shades and the hot coral on top is one of my faves. The super bright and juicy orange is amazing too!

Actually brighter in real life, these neon pigments are still stunning. love this brilliant blue and pinky red.

These will be amazing this summer. I applied one coat of matching gel polish color, then on the tacky layer the powder evenly, lightly brush off excess, then topcoat. So easy!

Here are the gorgeous glitters, Hot Havana Nights!

The Hot Havana Nights glitters collection from Imagination Station via Vision Gel Systems (US supplier). These glitters are super fine and burnish nicely over cured gel color, or you can sugar them. Either way, they are hot!

And last but not least, a beautiful Rose Gold Chrome! Contact Renee (link below) for ordering and prices.

Still super on trend in 2019, Rose Gold chrome powder from Vision Gel Systems! A tiny dab over 30-second cured no wipe top coat squeaks and super mirror like finish, then topped with topcoat!


PR samples***I was sent these products at no charge for testing and review. All photos, and opinions are my own.
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Vision Gel, and a vision of loveliness!

I was thrilled to be chosen to test and swatch some of the products by Vision Gel Nail Systems this month! Vision Gel nail products are “Created by professionals for professionals”. Today I have five gels to share with you. A Rubber Base Coat gel, a Super Shiny Top Coat, a gorgeous soak off Bottled Builder and two gel colors. A perfect True Red creme gel, and a super sparkly Rose Gold from their Diamond series. Let’s take a look then I’ll share with you some information, links, etc. First, the 30-second in LED soak off gels!

• I applied Rubber Base Coat before applying the Bottled Builder Base Coat as I needed a tiny fill near my cuticle.

Vision Rubber Base Coat is ready for the challenge! A thicker viscosity base coat really helps your color adhere well, last longer and can also provide extra cushion for those manis over natural nails. I am loving this stuff and your clients will too!

What can I say? This blush colored Bottled Builder by Vision (#18) is a perfect pink for a French mani or on its own. Viscosity is perfect for building a nail from scratch (get it? Scratch? LOL) or as a nail-toughening polish, overlay…it does it all. Super easy, self leveling, fast curing. I did an overlay here and as you can see in the composite photo using a practice finger by FlexiFinger, I created a perfect nail extension over a tip using a paper form. I can’t wait to try more shades!

Vision Soak Off Super Shine Top Coat is a fabulous no wipe top coat! They aren’t kidding. Here is over the Vision Bottled Builder, hard to see with this lighting, but as you can see over the upcoming photo of the Vision color #002 True Red, it is super glossy and cures in only 30 seconds in LED.

Okay. This red is true to its name. Vision #002 True Red gel polish is truly, the perfect red creme. Nearly a 1 coater, but I laid down 2 for an even deeper effect. Topped with Vision Super Shine No Wipe Top Coat.

Vision Diamond Series gel #26 is a multi-faceted Rose Gold gel polish in a clear base. Two coats are smooth here, topped with Vision Super Shine No Wipe Top Coat. This is blindingly sparkly in the sun! Wow!

I laid down two coats with each color and the Bottled Builder #18. I believe there are about 20+ Bottled Builder shades at the time, and below you can see one of the ways the Builder can be applied. Note in the images above, I applied two coats over my nails as an overlay, and it can also create a fully formed nail over a natural nail, tip, or tip with paper nail form. I tried it with a dual form, but I couldn’t get that to work for me. Any suggestions?! The Bottled Builder formula has a thick viscosity, super easy to work with and end results provide next to no required buffing or filing. But I did do a tiny bit with a hand file. I highly, HIGHLY recommend adding this to your nail building arsenal!

Diamond gel…”Like no other Glitter gel polish. Opaque with two thin coats. 24 colors and more to come. Diamond gel has multiple size glitters to achieve a “crushed” effect.” I conquer, I’d love to try some more shades, especially with spring and summer in our sites!

Vision Gel says, “Bottled Builder is an amazing new approach to gel nails. Builder in a bottle is a game changer. Our gel polish is highly pigmented, over 300 colors! “Try it and you’ll agree it’s the best gel available! No lifting, no priming ! Just prep, wipe with 100% acetone and apply. Perfect every time! Please indicate the number desired in your purchase notes to seller and we will do the rest.” If you really want a reliable foundation for your clients’ nails with 0 lifting and rock hard (yet forgiving flexibility), you will want to try these!

See here how I created a full nail using a paper form and my FlexiFinger practice finger.

Here we have a practice finger (compliments of FlexiFinger, see link below) using a nail tip for application of Vision French Bottled Builder #18. As you can see, the Vision builders have a thick and viscous consistency lending to fabulous leveling. This shade is a perfect cover pink in two thin coats. Apex is super easy to build by holding the finger upside down for a minute before curing. I barely needed to buff or file.

Vision Gel Systems story:
“Vision Gel Systems is a company dedicated to providing top of the line products to professionals, and only to professionals. We here at Vision Gel are pleased to provide our consumers with game changing “Bottled Builder”- Perfect, zero lift, nails every time! Our builder is an amazing innovation in the world of nails that is sure to speed up your service times, while still providing hard gel nails. You will be amazed at the color selection and opacity of our gel polishes they perform unlike any other. The no cleanse top coat is just like glass.”

My gracious contact, Renee Westmoreland- Veteran Tech and USA distributer from Eugene, OR, says, “I’ve searched far and wide for a gel product to fill my needs as a busy technician with a full clientele. I needed to have a gel polish that outperforms the others with great coverage and a huge selection to fit my clients desires. The feedback from them has been amazing! I am thrilled to be an educator for this product line. The golden and ombre bottles are gorgeous on my wall. My gel polish selection sets me apart from the average technician. Watch us grow and join the team with “Vision”~ let us empower you.”
You’ll never look back…”

I’ll be back later in the week with some other cool products that were sent to me to share with you. (Hint: pigment powders and glitters!)

* Oh, and they also carry a “Best Ever Matte Top Coat” I can hopefully share with you at some point, along with more gel colors and Bottled Builder shades. Here are some Vision Gel Links for you!


PR samples***I was sent these products at no charge for testing and review. All photos, and opinions are my own.
#visiongelBestEverMatteTopCoat, #visiongelbottledbuilder, #visionGelDiamondSeriesgelpolish, #visiongelRubberbasecoat, #visiongelSuperShinyNoWipeTopCoat, #visiongelSuperShinyTopCoat, #www.visiongel.com, @theflexifinger, @visiongel