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Zoya Jubilee, Holiday 2018 collection coming soon!

Ready for this?! Coming 10/8/18 ZOYA JUBILEE – HOLIDAY 2018

It’s time to celebrate Jubilee! The newest assortment from Zoya for Holiday 2018 features a range of beautiful creams, lux metals, and a new special effect topper. Whether you’re simply celebrating the fun in life, or want to brighten up the dreary winter days, Jubilee will be your escape. Come enjoy our newest collection that has a little something for everyone. I will share swatches as soon as they arrive!

ASTRID ZP968: a liquid gold foil that adds a festive touch to any holiday look – wear as an accent or alone for optimum impact.
LEIGH ZP977: a perfect winter nude – rich and warm cream with just a hint of pink to compliment any skin tone.
CARSON ZP964: a muted nude pink cream – beautiful shade to create an understated elegance and perfect for the cold weather months
TARYN ZP965: a fiery fuchsia micro-iridescent shimmer with blue undertones – a shade that brightens even the gloomiest of winter days.
MAXINE ZP969: a rich red cream with an evenly balanced undertone – bright, yet still appropriate for the season.
ALLISON ZP970: a plum-toned ruby cream – a more amped up version of a traditional plum shade.
COOKIE ZP971: a purple PixieDust with gold flecks – perfect for holiday fun! Use as an accent or on her own for a gorgeous textured matte look.
CHIARA ZP972: a deep purple cream – a gorgeous compliment to the rich jewel tones of the season.
DANICA ZP973: a rich deep teal cream – a new twist on holiday green that gives you an edgy, yet elegant look
JUNIPER ZP974: a sparkling teal textured PixieDust shade – especially perfect when paired with Leopoard Spots effect polish layered over.
KATERI ZP966: a beautiful midnight brown cream – think of this as the new black!
LEOPARD SPOTS TOPPER ZP967: the new special effect topper for winter 2018 – layer over any textured PixieDust shade for an edgy leopard effect.Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments

See it in action, cool teaser!

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I won Young Nails #1st2NailIt!

Well, if you aren’t already following the Salo bros., Greg and Habib, and Tracey on the Young Nails Youtube channel and Instagram, you may not know about the drawings they continually offer up on Instagram. I watch all their videos and chats, and follow all their posts. No, I’m not a stalker. 🙂 But their instructional videos for nail techs and nail enthusiasts like myself, are a constant serving of “yes, teach me sensei.”! So I thought, ahh, why not throw my hat in the ring for “the hat”…And I won! You just need to follow their posts on Instagram and as soon as you see a fresh post from them ( @youngnailsinc on Instagram) comment #1st2NailIt asap and they will let you know if you won. Prizes change but currently they are sending out the new Caption Fall collection (4 bottles) of polish and a signed cap.

What I won for #1st2NailIt, cap autographed by Greg and Habib Salo. And the new Caption collection Fall Classic 2018! From left: Out of Body, Manifest the Best, So Far So Good and Shine the Light.
Here are some quick swatches (2 coats ea.) from the YN Caption Fall Classic collection: in hand (ring finger), Shine the Light; top right & (middle finger), So Far So Good; bottom L to R Out of Body (pointer finger) and Manifest the Best (pinky).

I can’t wait to try these polishes as stamping polishes as well. Caption polishes sport 320 smooth tapered bristles and make the lush polish glide on like buttah! And they dry fast. I think since this set is metallic in nature, they may dry a tad slower than their cream counterparts, but I have not yet tested the creams, yet! I did the swatches above in 2 coats ea, although you could get away with one, especially with Manifest the Best, as seen on my pinky nail. The polishes are super easy to work with, more like gel in application. Each bottle is 10 mL – .34 fl oz. Here are their descriptions of the colors:

• Out of Body, A atmospheric amethyst.
• So Far So Good, A celestial light years blue.
• Shine the Light, A metallic copper cluster.
• Manifest the Best, A metallic interstellar mauve.

So, thank you Young Nails family! I love everything!

Other products range from gel polishes, acrylic powders, gel paints, stamping plates, pigments, foils, glitters, slickpour system, nail tech equipment, classes and more.

Read more about all Young Nails, Inc. has to offer here:

Instagram: @YoungNailsInc

If you aren’t following YN, you should! I have learned so much from them.

*This review is my opinion only, I was not paid for my post, the products above were a prize gift supplied by the featured company.

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Delicate and Delightful effects, polishes from Born Pretty

Some new pretties by Born Pretty. Silkworm effect gel polish, sheers, nude cat eye and stamping, oh my! Theme today seems to be pink. Let’s not waste any time and get right to the swatches, ‘cuz you’ve got some shopping to do!

See more Silkworm Gel polishes here…

BP-02 Silkworm effect gel polish, 2 coats, in gorgeous pink. Effect is sort of spotted, silky, wiggly. LOL Hard to describe!

Sheer nude gels, so many gorgeous choices here!

Loving these sheer gel polishes from the Born Pretty Strawberry Party gel collection. This one in two coats is BP_SP08 Angel Garden.

Check out Orphelia here!

Another sheer nude gel from the Born Pretty Strawberry Party collection, Orphelia BP-SP01 in two coats.

No need for dark undercoats, apply directly over base coat and cure! Nude magnetic/cat eye gels…

Time Machine from the Born Pretty collection of pale nude magnetic/cat eye series BP-RM04.

Did you know Born Pretty now has a few GEL stamping polishes?! Cool huh, take your time, no rush because these stamping polishes are patient until you cure them. I will say I was surprised at how thick this black one was, thicker than most gel polishes but it stays where you place it. Easy to clean off any mistakes!

BP 43971 Black gel stamping polish. At the time of this post, it also comes in red and white. Hoping for new colors!

From the Born Pretty regular lineup of old favorites, a bubblegum pink stamping polish #21

And last but not least, a pretty bubblegum pink and a must have Born Pretty stamping polish (regular kind) BP #21.

That’s it for today, see you next month with new goodies from Born Pretty 🙂

Remember to use my 10% OFF Discount Code! PPL01 On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, contact lenses, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

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*Items were sent to me at no cost for my honest review.

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So many Sparkle & Co. dips and plates, so little time!

I know, it’s been awhile since I posted my Sparkle & Co. dip swatches and stamping plates, but it’s been one heck of a summer! We spent a month down at our condo in Florida, and then after an extended closing period, got it sold. My miniature park-like yards around my house have kept me busy as well, although my plumeria collection is lush and beautiful. Even with the month+-long drought and temps in the 100s (even up to 114 degrees), I still managed to keep them lush and green. You’re welcome water company! lol Long story short, I have been swatching up a storm in between all the busy summer fun. Here are a few swatches to catch you up with some of my Sparkle & Co., items I did for owner Christy’s catalog. Note: In the swatches I did with the stamping plates, I used all Sparkle & Co. Luxe polishes underneath the stamps. Those shades of regular Luxe polish (it is regular polish, not dip or gel) were: Sand In My Hair, Red Bow, Denim Dress, Lotta Colada, Pretty Little Snowflake, Santa’s Coal, Hand Me My Shades, I Need Vitamin Sea, Ocean Villa, Best Summer Ever, Barefoot Beauty, I Lost My Flip Flop, Dock Side, November Skies, Fireside Chat, Convertible Coasting.So many done and more coming! But here are a few to we your whistle. Lots of photos, let it load…and load… 😉

And more dips!

That is it for right now. Be on the lookout for Nine gorgeous Flexie Flaky dips and a few more to boot. No end in sight, but that will get me caught up. Thanks for reading and comment which are your favorites!

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NEW at Sparkle & Co. Subscription Boxes! A HUGE HUGE HIT

You can get your pigments, polishes and more here, as well as Dip Powder system nail treatments…

IG: @52weeksofbeauty and
Oh yes, and a reminder, you can keep up (or you can try!) with all the new items being offered every week it seems, if you want to be a subscriber to the monthly offerings, here is the Facebook group: And for all the other news, swatches, sharing the sparkly fun go here:

And watch owner Christy talk about her other beauty products on Youtube, look for 52weeksofbeauty.

*These products were supplied to me for review purposes. I was not paid and all opinions are my own. Disclaimer: Differences in color depth, tone or opacity may slightly differ from some of those on the featured store’s web site and sometimes images are using acrylic swatch sticks. All swatches here are done on my long natural nails. Shades are as closely matched as possible between what you see on your computer or device (RGB) and real life. We make every possible attempt to represent the manufacturer’s colors appear as closely as seen in real life. @missflirtyhairextensions @52weeksofbeauty #sparkleandcodipnails #SparkleandCoGelPolish #sparkleandco #sparkleandcostampingplates

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Beauty Big Bang review, hot summer nail art tools!

I want to start out saying I have been really impressed with the quality of the Stamping polishes and plates provided by Beauty Big Bang. This round I got to try a couple of summer/beach themed XL plates, and a super pigmented black stamping polish. Note: have a deeply pigmented black and a white stamping polish is essential to have in your nail stamping setup. Also, if you are into glowing nails, I mean, like glow-in-the-dark nails, I reviewed a couple of Beauty Big Bang’s glow powder pigments.

I will also have these items listed separately on my Instagram account, so be sure to look for them there as well.

Let’s start with the stamping polish! I found this stamping polish deeply pigmented and easy to transfer. I used it with a clear jelly stamper. J6415TM-2A 9ML Professional Black Nail Stamping Polish Nail Plate Printing Varnish

Next up, a fun summer plate, full of amazing images, stamps very easily with great clarity! Note: all plates come in a beautiful plate sleeve indicating some of the design theme inside, sheathed with a blue film to protect the plate and attached firmly to a plastic card, protecting your fingers from sharp edges. Love that! BBBXL-001 FLAMINGO FRUITS

And yet another summery plate, I love these! You know I’m a summer girl right? 😉 Here is Summer Beach Holiday Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Mermaid Theme For Manicure BBBXL-002

And for those of you who like to make a glowing entrance, how about a couple of glow pigment powders? You can use these either mixed into a bit of regular clear nail topcoat, or for an even smoother application, mix a tiny bit into clear gel topcoat and cure. Use over any color, but I suggest to apply over a fairly matching shade polish or gel polish. Charge the completed nails with either LED, regular light or sunlight for a few minutes. Effect lasts many hours. I might also add that the amount you receive is pretty generous, about 12g, and you will want to transfer the powder into a small tight closing pot, like those for gems and glitters. That is my only wish, that these come in a pot instead of a bag, or maybe an option for a small up charge. My photos are a bit rough, hard to capture the beauty in the dark! lol Check it out first the hot coral pigment: J2103-7A

And the beautiful aqua glow, J2103-2A J2103-7A HOT CORAL GLOW J2103-2A AQUA GLOW J6415TM-2A 9ML Professional Black Nail Stamping Polish Nail Plate Printing Varnish BBBXL-001 FLAMINGO FRUITS, ETC.

Summer Beach Holiday Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Mermaid Theme For Manicure BBBXL-002
BBBXL-002 Summer Beach Holiday Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Mermaid Theme For Manicure BBBXL-002

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Links for <a href="





YOUTUBE:; rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Beauty BigBang
Beauty Big Bang takes PayPal and Free shipping Worldwide, 1+ items! 2-4 weeks delivery time.

BeautyBigBang sells everything from items for the home, cosmetics, nail care and nail art items and tools, hair, health care. There is also as a Warehouse as well as overseas. Worldwide Free Shipping, and they take PayPal, MC.

***PR Samples, products were sent to me at no charge for my honest review. I was not paid for my opinion.

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Born Pretty for pretty nails!

Time again for some nail magic from products by Born Pretty Store! Today I have four amazing products to share with you. A pretty metallic gel polish, super pretty dark nail gems, a fabulous stamping plate full of mandala designs and a magical holo foil that works beautifully on dark polish. Let’s take a peek!

Love this little stamping plate #38746

What an easy way to decorate your digits with this handy little stamping plate by Born Pretty. Plate 38746.

Super cute chameleon flat back rhinestones wheel #42636

Holo plumy purple holo gel polish #40789

And lastly, a super pretty, very generous roll of delicate holo transfer foil!

Remember to use my 10% OFF Discount Code! PPL01 On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, contact lenses, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

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*Items were sent to me at no cost for my honest review.

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Zoya Element collection for Fall 2018

Zoya Element for Fall 2018 is a cool toned and rosy, berry-filled collection of polishes. The latest collection from Zoya featuring an array of blush toned mauves, deep sultry hues and mystical metallics.

I have to admit when I heard the name of the collection, before I saw the media release, I was expecting something completely different going off the name. I figured element means elements from the world, like air (sunsets and frosty mornings), earth (warm tones of soil, rocks), fire (toasted marshmallows, wood and trees…etc. But I was SO off! lol All in all, I liked the collection, but preferred the last six shades in Sampler B. I guess I’m just not that “rosey” 😉 Let’s take a look! All in two coats. Name of color on the photo.

First six, Sampler A:

And Sampler B (my fave!)

DEVIN ZP952: a steel blue with hints of multicolored shimmer in a dense foil finish.

RUMOR ZP953: a full-coverage mauve taupe with a subtle shimmer – a perfect classic shade for Fall.

JENNA ZP954: a full-coverage dusty rose pink cream with blue undertones.

RUTHIE ZP955: a full-coverage raspberry rose cream.

MARYANN ZP956: a full-coverage pink-toned rose with soft glowing shimmer.

KENDRA ZP957: a beautiful full-coverage marsala cream.

ALYSSA ZP958: a full-coverage red-toned purple cranberry cream.

DONNIE ZP959: a full-coverage purple-toned sangria cream.

MAEVE ZP960: a full-coverage concord grape cream.

RACHAEL ZP961: a full-coverage mulberry berry cream.

LEIGHTON ZP962: a deeply saturated blackened aubergine cream.

GARDNER ZP963: a deep periwinkle with a vibrant magenta shimmer in a dense foil finish.

We are offering a special Pre-Order deal on the new Element Collection!
Buy Sampler A, Get Sampler B Free + Free Shipping
Link to Purchase:
Just click “Add to Cart” and both samplers will be added with the promotion code (FALL18)
*Open to US/Canada Consumers Only. International Processing Fee Applies*

Colors will be available individually August 1st.

ZOYA.COM $10 ea.(US)

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Available in top salons, spas and on $10ea

**BIG10FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

* These polishes were sent to me at no cost for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated.