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Born Pretty Store silver shell studs

These are sure to be a hit for all you nautical/beach loving nailistas! The Mini Hollow-out Shell Nail Studs Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration Super easy to apply, just dab one in a tiny bit of clear nail polish and apply to nail. Add a clear topcoat to protect the gem.

I am loving these delicate silver shell nail gems from the Born Pretty Store. It's perfect that they have a gentle curve on the underside that allows then to sit flatter on the nail.

I am loving these delicate silver shell nail gems from the Born Pretty Store. It’s perfect that they have a gentle curve on the underside that allows then to sit flatter on the nail.

Born Pretty 3D nail charms silver shells, come in 10 piece packs. I lucked out and received 12!  Item number 17228_2

Born Pretty 3D nail charms silver shells, come in 10 piece packs. I lucked out and received 12! Item number 17228_2

Remember to use my discount code! On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, contact lenses, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

*Item was sent to me for my honest review.

Indian Summer mani with Cult Cosmetics polish

It’s hard to imagine it’s September 1st already and we are gearing up for Fall…and it’s 85 degrees outside! But I wanted to share a super simple mani using three perfect shades for Autumn from Cult Cosmetics. The red creme is Laguna, the rich dark chocolate brown is Mulholland Drive and the creamy coral is Avalon.

Like the colors of falling leaves, these shades are perfect for your Autumn mani.

Like the colors of falling leaves, these shades are perfect for your Autumn mani.

I used Mulholland as my chocolately base, then using a feathering brush, I lightly brushed the other shades in horizontal swipes toward the middle. If you try this, be sure to barely dip the tips of the brush onto a dab of polish, brush lightly onto a piece of foil (you don’t want too much polish, just a touch) then swipe over the base color with a light hand. It dries nearly immediately. Finish with clear topcoat.

Ready for fall?

Ready for fall?

Order your fall shades, as well as many other top quality polishes from Cult Cosmetics here:

As with all the other Cult Cosmetic, the formulas are primo.

Cult lacquers are premium, 5-FREE, Vegan, cruelty-free single coat polishes and makeup products. None of their polishes are animal tested and they are made in California, USA.

Instagram (@cultcosmetics)

These products were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.



Silk purse, fixing a wretched mani

Maybe I’m spoiled with great lighting back home in my sunroom where I paint my nails. We are visiting my daughter and her hubby in Texas this week. Maybe I’m just out of my element. Or maybe the formula on Butter London’s bubblegum pink “Fruit Machine” is iffy! ๐Ÿ˜ Two coats and still not happy with it. First coat, streaky and chalky. Second coat, not much better. WHY, WHY?!

I added a coat of BL’s shimmery jelly “Disco Biscuit” to my ring finger…meh. But Disco Biscuit is gorgeous with it’s jelly fuschia base and blue micro shimmer. I somewhat saved a wretched mani with floral stickers๐ŸŒธ I’m feeling sort of glad I didn’t pay $15 on Fruit Machine! I jumped on ULTA’s 2/$15 Butter London sale last week. Then again, I’ll take another stab at it after I get home. It may do just fine. I own only two others, which I love…”Slapper” and “Knackered”.

So is it just me? Anyone else out there try this one and had the same reaction? The colors are pretty though! And I guess sometimes you just have to add nail art to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Stamping kit for beginners like me

Stamping kit for beginners like me

And I must emphasize, I am a BEGINNER when it comes to nail stamping! You can find tons of stamping tools and design plates for your nail art at the Born Pretty Store for every level of expertise. Let me remind you that it is very important to use a highly pigmented (non-sheer) nail lacquer for the stamping process. Now I have hundreds of polishes and have never purposely chosen one with stamping in mind. So choosing a polish to test this sucker out wa a challenge. I finally settled on a recommended brand/style using a Sally Hansen Insta Dri and it worked great! I found a couple other polishes I thought were pigmented enough, no go! So now I’m on the hunt for some good stamping polishes and I think the Insta Dri is going to be my GoTo polish for this art. I started with a simple design from the five plates included in my kit. I added the coconuts just for fun! I did have trouble stamping but I’m pretty sure I need more appropriate polish for the task. I’m just showing you the best nail!

Pictured above is the stamping kit I got from the Born Pretty Store. It retails for $8.37, free shipping worldwide, no minimum order and your order ships from Singapore. It takes about three weeks to arrive in the US. This kit came with a two ended (large and small rubber ends) stamper, a scraper, 5 design plates and a plate holder. No instructions are included but all you have to do is a search on YouTube and find several instructional tutorials. Now, excuse me while I shop my polish stash for some good stamping lacquers! use LDX31 for 10% off your order! use LDX31 for 10% off your order!

This kit was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for test and reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

UPDATE about the blogger review program:
If you are considering doing blog reviews for this company, I want you to be aware of something. Communication with them has become increasingly spotty. They ask for product choices that you’d like to test and review. They send you items at their cost for this purpose. It started out fine from my first order. Fast forward to today, May 17, 2014, I have been volleying back and forth for 2 months. I sent them, at their request, items I’d like to review next. A full week later I get an email an item is out of stock. This is from their NEW ITEMS listing. So I go through the site, choose again, email. Wait two weeks for response. Etc, etc. Without giving you every ridiculous detail, either someone is “posing” as Alice, my previous contact, or she’s not making it into the office very often. I got an email this morning to give her a detailed choice of the last item replacement. I did. I never had this trouble ordering for myself with my own money or points. So, for you bloggers out there who are considering reviewing products for their blogger program, get ready for frustration. I want to be perfectly honest about this because I know that a lot of my readers are bloggers themselves. It’s not always easy dealing with a company in a foreign company. There are language and translation barriers. Culture differences at times and communication is most always somewhat delayed. But this is over the top. I’ve always been kind and understanding with BP store, but I think it’s time to convey the fact that this is bugging the tar out of me. I even chose a nail polish from their site for review, as the three polishes I bought before were nice. She emailed me two weeks later, they can’t send polish overseas. SAY WHAT?! Bogus. So there. This is off my chest and we will see where it goes from here. Have any of you had these issues with your contact? Let me know.

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