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Where I’ve been…

You may have noticed my absence of posts since my last post in 2021. Well, as for many of us, I got sick and you could say it took the wind out of my sails and prompted me to rethink my goals here. I have however continued to provide swatches and reviews for my remaining sponsor, Zoya. I still feature their swatches and announcements on my Instagram account. I have abandoned Facebook. Too much politics, drama and surveillance for my taste. I’ve let everyone else “go” so-to-speak. I had to decline so many companies for lack of energy, lack of breath. I just needed to fully heal from the plague. LOL

Where I’m going…

I am retaining Zoya for as long as they’ll have me or until they need to make room for new hands, younger hands 😉 They have truly been the best nail polish company to work with. I’ve collaborated with a few different PR managers, all of them have been Top Notch!

My attentions have migrated in 2022 to retirement, enjoying my gardens, family, pets, arts and crafts. I’ve taken up watercolor painting and mixed media for which I’ve put on the back burner for too long. I truly enjoy it and these creations make great gifts for those who appreciate them. I am still green, but plans are to have prints made of my favorite works and market them in local coffee houses and boutiques in my area. No, I’m not going to get an Etsy shop or anything of the like. However, if successful to the point of growing my business, I may possibly switch to a business blog, domain, etc. We shall see!

In the meantime, remember I had removed about three or four years worth of nail and product posts here on WordPress due to either irrelevant information or lack of space (I still use the free WP service). No judgements 🙂 If I decide to start a domain for my art, what few followers I have here will be the first to know, along with my Instagram gang. My handle there is LacqueredLori if you’re interested. At some point I need to create an arts and crafts Insta. After all, I made one for my little parrot, Ivy. I have posted all my Zoya swatches there but also posts of my pets, travels, gardens and some art.

Here are a couple of samples. Remember, I am a newbie, but learning new things as I go. Enjoy and God bless!

Just a little whimsical bird.
3 Little Birds

Upper Bogue, Eleuthera, Bahamas
(from photo I took there years ago)

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