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You can’t help but FALL in love with the Zoya Sensual collection!

Ready for Fall? Zoya Sensual includes 12 new fab shades for Fall 2019. Set B pictured on top, is a collection of deep jewel tones. Set A, below, includes nudes to a lovely cool jewel toned red. These are available in sets and individually now at

Besides loving most of the shades in this collection for Fall 2019, I am most impressed with the fabulous formulas! While being extremely pigmented, each polish is not overly thick or hard to work with. They dry pretty fast for such pigmentation in my honest opinion. It leaves me really looking forward to the Winter collection. I have always been a big fan of most of Zoya polishes and have only encountered a few losers. We are taking hundreds of their polishes I have tried. Anyway, you can order these beauties now, see the swatches below. Sensual is luxurious and will surely get you ready for all things fall. From sensuous cashmere sweaters to hoodies and roasting marshmallows by the fire.

Zoya Sensual set A offer six lovely shades, which include neutral nudes, rosy tones and a jewel toned stunner. Every formula is perfect! The Sensual Sampler A contains 1 (one) bottle of the following shades for a total of 6 (full sized 0.5oz) bottles: Joss (ZP1001), Kinsley (ZP1002), Foster (ZP1003), Briar (ZP1004), Margaret (ZP1005), and Rashida (ZP1006).
Zoya Set B of the Fall 2019 collection, Sensual. Gorgeous! Every formula in all 12 shades are perfection. The Sensual Sampler B contains 1 (one) bottle of the following shades for a total of 6 (full sized 0.5oz) bottles: Etta (ZP1007), Ripley (ZP1008), Michaela (ZP1009), Vesper (ZP1010), Elliot (ZP1011), and Ashton (ZP1012).

Which are your favorites? I think it is a tossup between Rashida and Ripley for me. Every formula as I mentioned above is spot-on perfect. My fave set is Set B! How about you?

*Products were sent to me at no cost and all opinions are my own.

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