Manis and lacquers

My water garden, a Lacquer Legion monthly mani challenge

My water garden, a Lacquer Legion monthly mani challenge

Ok, so Kirby The Mercurial Magpie´╗┐ inspired me to branch out and create a Garden Themed mani for this month’s Lacquer Legion’s theme challenge! #LLgarden I have to admit, nail art in it’s true form intimidates me a bit. #1 I’m no artist. Well yeah, we will stick with #1!

So here is my contribution, my garden mani is called Water Garden. I used the watercolor technique (which I’m still learning) from Nicole @youngwildandpolished, one of my YouTube faves. Lacquers used: thumbnail and ring finger are base of Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen Extreme Wear and topped with Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Mermaid’s Tale. For the watercolor water garden nails I used as a base, Essie’s Mint Candy Apple representing water; and for the lilies I used Essie’s Watermelon, Zoya’s Josie, and SH’s Pacific Blue. Topped with Seche Vite. And yes, I did both hands! Love to be challenged? This was my first one for Lacquer Legion and it was pretty fun. Check them out on Facebook at The challenge is going on today, May 28th and you can post both on their Facebook page as well as on Instagram. Their handle is thelacquerlegion. Are you submitting one? Leave a comment below with your link!

Manis and lacquers

Born Pretty Water Decals…sooo easy!

Born Pretty Water Decals...sooo easy!

I have to say these decals took me by surprise! I’ve used plenty of nail stickers before but this is my first experience using water transfer decals. The first one you see here was placed over a delicate blush pink. I decided to have extra fun with it by adding a few pink dots. After applying a base coat and letting dry, just cut out the decal, soak in tepid water for about 15-20 seconds, slide off with tweezers, pat dry and place on your nail. I followed up with a thin coat of Seche Vite, but you could use any quick dry top coat.

Here's the pretty rose pattern decals on white!
Here’s the pretty rose pattern decals on white!

The pretty pink rose pattern can be found here:

Find these here:
Find these here:

I opted to use a lovely orchid shade as my base coat for the decal shown above. Although it’s pretty, I think a paler shade would show off how lovely these decals really are. This one was a bit trickier for me to work with. I think because they were slightly larger and I have smallish nail beds. But a little trimming and coaxing makes it doable. I also added a bit of dotting to this set and finished with a top coat.

Here I placed the floral decals over a white base. Just lovely!
Here I placed the floral decals over a white base. Just lovely!

The decals are more flexible with this one, so if you let the excess overlap, just press down and file off the free edge of your nail. Easy!

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Decals were sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review.