Manis and lacquers

My water garden, a Lacquer Legion monthly mani challenge

My water garden, a Lacquer Legion monthly mani challenge

Ok, so Kirby The Mercurial Magpie inspired me to branch out and create a Garden Themed mani for this month’s Lacquer Legion’s theme challenge! #LLgarden I have to admit, nail art in it’s true form intimidates me a bit. #1 I’m no artist. Well yeah, we will stick with #1!

So here is my contribution, my garden mani is called Water Garden. I used the watercolor technique (which I’m still learning) from Nicole @youngwildandpolished, one of my YouTube faves. Lacquers used: thumbnail and ring finger are base of Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen Extreme Wear and topped with Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Mermaid’s Tale. For the watercolor water garden nails I used as a base, Essie’s Mint Candy Apple representing water; and for the lilies I used Essie’s Watermelon, Zoya’s Josie, and SH’s Pacific Blue. Topped with Seche Vite. And yes, I did both hands! Love to be challenged? This was my first one for Lacquer Legion and it was pretty fun. Check them out on Facebook at The challenge is going on today, May 28th and you can post both on their Facebook page as well as on Instagram. Their handle is thelacquerlegion. Are you submitting one? Leave a comment below with your link!

Manis and lacquers

Zoya Cosmo is like 100 prisms on every finger

Zoya Cosmo is like 100 prisms on every finger

Here is the first of my three new Magical Pixie Dusts from Zoya and it’s out of this world! Now, since mine just came in the mail the other day after waiting for them over a month, I have to say…YES, they were worth the wait. I try so hard to not be an early adopter, but I didn’t want to wait until these sparkling gems hit Ulta’s shelves. (spanks hand) 😉

I still have to try the other two in this Spring 2014 collection, Vega (soft baby blue yet blingy), and Lux, the soft pink with the same amazing features as it’s sisters. I am pretty sure I was prepared for a chunkier experience compared to the other Pixie Dusts, because of what I’ve read. And I own nearly all of them (which I bought with my own cheddar!). I wasn’t however prepared to have my breath removed from my body in one blast upon opening the precariously thin shipping box that Zoya is so famous for. I’ve been praying they would arrive in one piece after such a long wait.

Zoya describes Cosmo as a silver crystal sparkle. I heartily echo that description. They also tout the new spring line with having “mega hex iridescent particles”. I agree, but I think they should have added a disclaimer that you need a bit, just a tad, more patience in applying. Once you put on a thin coat on all ten, by the time you get back to #1 it will be dry. Nice! Then the second coat is the challenge, but maybe it’s just me. And yeah, all you need is two coats. Three would be overkill and it would look like you dipped your fingers in a sparkly vat of extra thick concrete. The result though is nothing short of…magical! Oh my goodness, it’s blindingly bright in the sunshine and should probably come with a warning from the DMV, “Do not stare at nails while driving, it could be hazardous to your health.” If I could describe this jewel in one sentence, I’d have to say it’s like having 100 prisms on ever finger. It’s texured, it’s sparkly, it’s holographic and yes Zoya, it truly IS “Amped Up”! I LOVE all three. One other thing. You know I love me some textured polishes. Such time savers! These are a bit rougher than what I’m used to. So even though Zoya recommends you don’t need base or top coats, and I don’t on the others, I did apply a thin coat of Seche Vite top coat to this. It’s still textured, shine didn’t change, but it just feels smoother. I’d say this is pretty much how I’ll do the others.

Also, you may want to skip wearing this in shark infested waters. I hear they are attracted to shiny things 🙂

I purchased this with my own money.