Hidden treasures at Rue21

Just a quick post here in case you’ve been shopping at Rue21 boutique stores in your local mall and missed these hidden gems! This spring I picked up a few more polishes, usually found near the checkout counter at Rue21 shops. If you are concentrating on apparel shopping at Rue21, open your eyes and look a little closer. I’ve been picking up these little treasures (well, actually they are full size) for a couple of years now. Like this summery neon fuscia shade, simply named 069. For the life of me I can’t figure out why most shades are nameless in the different bottle shapes found there. No matter. I love the formulas, price 2/$5 and the shades available.

I'm loving these Truely Yours polishes by Rue21! This Neon fuscia (069) has a golden flash and really sets it apart.

I’m loving these Truely Yours polishes by Rue21! This Neon fuscia (069) has a golden flash and really sets it apart.

I also picked up this cute little dreamcatcher ring at Rue. These come in gold, copper and silver.

Oh yeah, ONE COATER HERE! I mean, wow! I have more to share, but right now I’m kind of busy packing for our move this summer! I’m giving preference to my indie and mainstream blogger samples and have some coming up waiting for my attention. But since I already had this beauty swatched, I didn’t want to forget I had it! Check out your Rue21 for more hidden treasures!

Check out their site at rue21.com today!

*This polish and jewelry was purchased by me, and I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.


Brilliant Pink Ice lacquers from Rue21

Brilliant Pink Ice lacquers from Rue21

I’ve been haunting the cosmetic racks at Rue21 shops since last fall. I’d read somewhere on Instagram that these little boutique franchises carried their own line of polishes. So while Christmas shopping I decided to drop in a few of these stores at the mall.

Pink Ice polishes come in a wide variety of colors.

Pink Ice polishes come in a wide variety of colors.

I’ve been finding some nice polishes, always discounted, at Claire’s and Icing, but it never occurred to me to check places like Rue21, Forever21, American Outfitters and even dare I say, Victoria’s Secret for polish! But there they were!

I especially like Pink Ice’s square bottles that contain these creative colors. The polish is pretty decent for an average cost of 2/$5 US! They carry textured glitters, glitter bombs, shimmers, cremes, flakie crellies, jellies, metallics and milky indieesque polishes. My only beef is that most of what I’ve found are not named, only labeled with style numbers. I like names and it can’t be that hard! But here are a few from my collection.

Pink Ice, please name your polishes. They're so awesome! :-)

Pink Ice, please name your polishes. They’re so awesome! 🙂

The lineup of the bottle back labels correspond with what is on my nails here. On the left, pinkie finger is a pretty crelly with some white matte flakies and shreds, pink foil flakies and glitter and silver glitter. Three coats to opacity. Very femme! Then on my ring finger is one of my faves, a satin finish orchid that is to die for! You can also gloss it up and I did on the free edge. It’s the only one of these four with a name, Far Out Purple. Two coats and gorgeous! Then we have on the middle finger is a brilliant jelly filled with lots of royal blue matte flakies. I used three coats here but I think it might be interesting to do two coats over a like color. Then on my pointer finger a very close in style to the previous, only it’s a brilliant pinky purple. Note, all these dry quickly and easy to apply, nice formulas!

I have others from Pink Ice to review. I may even get to them 😉 Not all Rue21 stores carry the same colors. You won’t find much help online either. Just check out yours and let me know what you find!

I fixed a couple of flops!

I fixed a couple of flops!

I’m not sure where to begin. About a month ago I was shopping the usual polish rack at Rue21. This franchise has some gorgeous in-house lacquers and I have quite a few of them. Most of my Pink Ice by Rue21 stash are glitters or the sandy textured beauties called Glitter Dust. They are amazing and just about the glitziest textures I’ve found. But I digress. Then there’s the pitiful Whimsical by Revlon. Read on about these two abysmal formulas and how I saved them from doom.

The beachy aqua mint you see here really jumped out at me and screamed, “hey beach girl, I’ve got your name written all over me!” Heh, I say, “ney, ney”. No name, as is typical of many of the Pink Ice line…just 031. Sigh. Ok, you ARE gorgeous and I’ve seen this exact shade in our crystal clear waters on the Florida Gulf Coast. SOLD! Today was Day One of our love/hate relationship.

Warning: 031 does not like base coat, lil stinker. She’s highly pigmented, to a fault. Streaky as H.E. Double hockey sticks! Okay, you win, no base coat. I think maybe because she is so pigmented this cream can’t handle anything underneath? What a diva. Even after removing the bc, I still needed to apply two thin coats with a light hand sort of like you have to do with heavily spectraflaired holos. And it’s got a good enough gloss factor but short of adding a third coat, I made up my mind to top her. My, I DO love this shade though. Enough to keep me from pitching her overboard.

Enter, Revlon in Whimsical. Well, well. Aren’t you the little Indie wannabe? Beautiful in the bottle, this crelly has just enough glitters shining through to suck you in quicker than a mermaid in search of a sailor. But super sheer on her own, this sea star can’t deliver…on her own. She’s a pale sea foam green mint as well as I can describe her. And I’ve never seen a waterier formula in my life. But the small hex glitters in pale copper and blue, the tiny fragmented flakies and micro glitters of blue and pink…just…hypnotized…WAKEUP! 😉 Yeah, it’s like that. If there’s such a thing as mermaids, and they cried tears, this is what it would look like. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it by itself but as a topper she’s a keeper. Seriously, it would take five coats to come anywhere close to opaque. No way I’d even try that. Revlon, what were you thinking? If you want to replicate Indie quality, you’d better step up your game. Still, she topped 031 beautifully!

Being the frugal lacquer collector that I am, I can’t stand the thought of throwing any marginally useful bottle away. So when life hands you flops, you make them into flip flops! LOL I see this mani on my digits for the next trip to our vacation home.

A Blushing Hump Day mani

Hump day mani

Another bitterly cold winter hump day here in the Midwest. All I can think about is Springtime and sunshine, flowers and fresh air! So my solution to bring on the Spring was a blushing pastel mani.

Perusing through my collection of lacquers, my eyes were immediately drawn to the soft pinks, blues and pale lavenders hidden amongst the vamps and glitters. My pinks were beckoning me…”Pick me. I’m soft and delicate. You know you want me.” I caved.

I love the polish collections at Rue21 and icing. They have fun shades and seem to keep up with the trends including indie-like concoctions. And all for bargain prices. These two pinks jumped out at me. I’d love to give you the Pink Ice names but, and yes I’m shouting…THEY HAVE NO NAMES! Sorry, had to emote. Anyway, they do have style numbers. And the Icing glitter topper did at least have a name. It’s “Sugar Coated”.

The shimmery pale pink on the left I used an a base undie. The shimmer is a gorgeous hint of gold. Not enough to really change the pink, but enough to give it depth. I was surprised to see how it dried to a satiny finish. It’s really quite lovely and nearly a one coater. According to the label the Style number is 1564 and the color is 057. I left it to one coat since I was going to too it with the crelly on the right.

I topped “057” (now doesn’t that sound absurd?! 😉) with this gorgeous pale crelly, Style number 1380 and Color number 068. I had first tried her on her own and quickly found it would have taken at least four coats to be opaque. It reminds me of the milk left over from eating cereal with red cereal berries that bled and left the milk pink. Yum! Lol Inside you’ll find foiled pink flakies and hexis, tiny pink micro glitters and silver flakies and hexis.


I then topped two fingers with the Sugar Coated then bright pink mini flower studs. I’d love to do some other color variations of this mani. It’s pretty quick to do and really what took the most time was placing the studs. My nail beds are pretty small so that’s always a challenge.


I hoped you enjoyed my hump day mani. It sure brightened my day!

Another Pink Ice stunner

Another Pink Ice stunner

I LOVE these Rue21 Pink Ice polishes! This one dries fast and glides on easily. And it dried to a slightly satin finish, not real glossy, just soft. Very much like the Layla Soft Touch lacquers. And did I mention they are still 2/$5?!

Great formula, great value, beautiful selection. This bottle however had a slightly wonky brush but manageable. The look reminds me a bit of CG’s Ruby Slippers, only in Raspberry. One minor thing bugs me about Rue21’s bottles. I grabbed a shot of the back label because some of their selection are named, some are not 😒. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they name some and only have number references for others.