Manis and lacquers

Hidden treasures at Rue21

Just a quick post here in case you’ve been shopping at Rue21 boutique stores in your local mall and missed these hidden gems! This spring I picked up a few more polishes, usually found near the checkout counter at Rue21 shops. If you are concentrating on apparel shopping at Rue21, open your eyes and look a little closer. I’ve been picking up these little treasures (well, actually they are full size) for a couple of years now. Like this summery neon fuscia shade, simply named 069. For the life of me I can’t figure out why most shades are nameless in the different bottle shapes found there. No matter. I love the formulas, price 2/$5 and the shades available.

I'm loving these Truely Yours polishes by Rue21! This Neon fuscia (069) has a golden flash and really sets it apart.
I’m loving these Truely Yours polishes by Rue21! This Neon fuscia (069) has a golden flash and really sets it apart.

I also picked up this cute little dreamcatcher ring at Rue. These come in gold, copper and silver.

Oh yeah, ONE COATER HERE! I mean, wow! I have more to share, but right now I’m kind of busy packing for our move this summer! I’m giving preference to my indie and mainstream blogger samples and have some coming up waiting for my attention. But since I already had this beauty swatched, I didn’t want to forget I had it! Check out your Rue21 for more hidden treasures!

Check out their site at today!

*This polish and jewelry was purchased by me, and I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own.

Manis and lacquers

Brilliant Pink Ice lacquers from Rue21

Brilliant Pink Ice lacquers from Rue21

I’ve been haunting the cosmetic racks at Rue21 shops since last fall. I’d read somewhere on Instagram that these little boutique franchises carried their own line of polishes. So while Christmas shopping I decided to drop in a few of these stores at the mall.

Pink Ice polishes come in a wide variety of colors.
Pink Ice polishes come in a wide variety of colors.

I’ve been finding some nice polishes, always discounted, at Claire’s and Icing, but it never occurred to me to check places like Rue21, Forever21, American Outfitters and even dare I say, Victoria’s Secret for polish! But there they were!

I especially like Pink Ice’s square bottles that contain these creative colors. The polish is pretty decent for an average cost of 2/$5 US! They carry textured glitters, glitter bombs, shimmers, cremes, flakie crellies, jellies, metallics and milky indieesque polishes. My only beef is that most of what I’ve found are not named, only labeled with style numbers. I like names and it can’t be that hard! But here are a few from my collection.

Pink Ice, please name your polishes. They're so awesome! :-)
Pink Ice, please name your polishes. They’re so awesome! 🙂

The lineup of the bottle back labels correspond with what is on my nails here. On the left, pinkie finger is a pretty crelly with some white matte flakies and shreds, pink foil flakies and glitter and silver glitter. Three coats to opacity. Very femme! Then on my ring finger is one of my faves, a satin finish orchid that is to die for! You can also gloss it up and I did on the free edge. It’s the only one of these four with a name, Far Out Purple. Two coats and gorgeous! Then we have on the middle finger is a brilliant jelly filled with lots of royal blue matte flakies. I used three coats here but I think it might be interesting to do two coats over a like color. Then on my pointer finger a very close in style to the previous, only it’s a brilliant pinky purple. Note, all these dry quickly and easy to apply, nice formulas!

I have others from Pink Ice to review. I may even get to them 😉 Not all Rue21 stores carry the same colors. You won’t find much help online either. Just check out yours and let me know what you find!