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KBShimmer Goldie Rocks…rocks!

KBShimmer Goldie!

I’m so jazzed that I won blogger Kirby Hartline’s KBShimmer Giveaway. Thank you so much Kirby, aka The Mercurial Magpie. Yay, my first KBShimmer polish by owner Christy Rose! Her indie polishes are a legend.

I tried all week to capture the linear holo via the sunshine, but the weather would not cooperate. I’ll be editing this post at some point, after a ton of upcoming swatching I’m committed to, with an updated sunshiny photo. 😉 I apologize for this poorly lit photo, it doesn’t do it justice using only artificial light.

Goldie Rocks is described as a yellow gold metallic polish that in the sun or strong line has a linear holo sparkle that pops through. In the shade, this shimmery gold offers rich color with coverage in 2-3 coats. Retails for $8.75 and is part of KB Shimmer’s newly released Early Summer 2014 Collection.

This Linear Holographic is strong in the sun, blindingly so! It recommend 2-3 coats but I did fine with 2!

You can find this beauty along with tons of other must-have indie polishes, skin care and bath products at

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Check out my girl Kirby on her amazing blog at She’s an awesome blogger, swatcher and a pretty cool chick all around. Oh, and tell her and her adorable Chow dog, Mugen, I sent ya!


Alcatraz…Rocks by OPI

Alcatraz...Rocks by OPI

OPI really outdid themselves with the 2013 San Francisco Liquid Sand Collection. I’ve been slowly collecting textured polishes and basically jumping from one brand to another. After seeing countless manicures with this glitzy glitter, I dove in and I’m not sorry!

A…R is a nicely textured polish, not snaggy and overly gritty. In other words, it won’t catch in your hair or on your sweater 😉 The smokey purple base is full of shimmer and almost holographic micro glitter. It went on fairly thick but easy. One coat and you’re done! That’s a fast mani.

At this posting, I only own two other Liquid Sand polishes and this is the first one I’ve tried on.

One bottle, The Impossible, I got for a song on eBay. It’s a gorgeous color and I’ll be posting my review here when I can. I will, however, be leaving off the small smattering of stars held within. Those in my opinion just don’t belong in there. They can tend to snag anyway.

The other one is Can’t Let Go. My goodness, it’s such a pretty purple. Can you tell I’m a sucker for all that grapey goodness? LOL I can’t wait to test drive that one.

By the way, I had picked up Stay The Night at Ulta the other day, then took it right back. Ugh, sorry, but I saw swatches and manis of this stuff and it was bugly! Like someone stuck their fingers into black lava dirt with a few red glitters attached. I told the girl at the counter, too bad it’s prettier in the bottle than on the nail. I should have looked at swatches first. At any rate, Alcatraz…Rocks was my trade and I’m elated.

Naturally, I’ve got several lacquers in my sights, but maybe in another haul. After all, Christmas shopping is around the corner and I have to have SOMETHING to put on my list for Santa! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. New posts to come…after all the leftovers are gone.

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