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Diving into Sparkling Seas By Pure Ice

Diving into Sparkling Seas By Pure Ice

Well, if you’ve read any of my bio, you’ll know I’m a beach freak, I love collecting seashells and anything to do with the water. Pure ice just introduced it’s new collection called Sparkling Seas. Really only three new polishes were added to their core line. I’ve featured two of them.

Shades I used, from left: Sparkling Seas, Splash, Home Run, Sea Glass, and on back top is Don't You Wish.

Shades I used, from left: Sparkling Seas, Splash, Home Run, Sea Glass, and on back top is Don’t You Wish.

I’ve been thinking about the beautiful waters of Florida’s Emerald Coast ever since we left our vacation home. The blues, the greens, the white sand…Ahh. So why not a sea inspired mani?

On the bottom cuticle side I started with a rough edge layer of Home Run. A pale mint green from thenPure Ice core line. Then I added a layer of Sea Glass over the green. Then to the top half and free edge of my nail I painted a coat of the gorgeous glass fleck pale blue called Splash. Then came a layer of Sparkling Seas. This and Sea Glass are both tinted jellies with iridescent glitters and flakies. Really pretty stuff.

The one I left out that I didn’t use in this mani is called Mer-Magical, a pink based jelly glitter topper. And note that these will not stand on their own, they really need a colored base. Gorgeous nontheless. I added some ocean inspired nail stickers and a topcoat of color shifting Don’t You Wish, and voila!

You can find these now at Walmart, for $1.97ea US. Visit Pure Ice online at


Ice is nice!

Ice is nice!

I just realized the two brands I used for this look were similar in name. Well sorta. Pure Ice and Icing 😉

The accent finger was a delightful discovery. I was “shopping” through my stash for a color to compliment the teal sparkle of my new textured polish. Then I remembered, I had two Pure Ice bottles that would be perfect. I get my Pure Ice at Walmart for $1.97. Underneath I used two coats of Watch Me Go, which was surprisingly near opaque. This gorgeous microfine glitter is full of blue and green sparklers in a clear base. Then it was topped by two coats of Heartbreaker. I LOVE this shimmery topper. It’s a light teal/blue? jelly with blue and green shimmer. Very tough to describe. Talk about a transformer! I’ve used it over countless manis to creat duo finishes. It makes a super smooth and glossy coat over most micro glitters. You should see what it does to chrome sand metallics.

One of my newest discoveries of late was this stunning black textured lacquer by Icing. Their Quick Sand textured line is really great quality. This color, Lost in Paradise, is a fine black sandy texture (feels a lot like Zoya’s Pixie Dust) that is nearly opaque in two coats. It reminds me of Zoya’s Dahlia, except it’s twinkle is brought about by a good dose of of shiny teal micro glitters. It’s kind of thick on the brush but easy to work with. And it dries really fast. I wish you could see it sparkle in real life. I just couldn’t capture how gorgeous it is. Seeing it wet, I can also picture it with a high gloss topper as well. It reminds me of that “little black dress”. In fact, if I had been in charge of naming this stunner, that would be it’s name. It was a BOGO, so basically cost just under $4. I never imagined loving black this much. But it works for me!


Deja Dazzle!

Deja Dazzle!

After wearing warm fall tones for the better part of the past week, I decided to go rogue! LOL Today’s mani is brought to you by Pure Ice. The deep ocean blue, Deja Vu, sports blue and purple crushed glitter shimmer. The application is nearly opaque in one coat but I used two coats here. The ring finger accent nail is overcoated with Pure Ice Dazzle me. A chunky silver which also contains some fine silver in a clear base. The middle finger begged for attention so I applied some delicate flower appliques. I’d have used dolphins…but I didn’t have any! 😉

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