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Arabella is a beauty!

Arabella is a beauty!

Ahh, Arabella. In many countries, it means “Beauty”. Plain and simple. Get this! In Germany it means “eagle heroine”. Not sure about that one. The Latin meaning is from ‘orabilis’, meaning yielding to prayer. Factoid: Lady Arabella Stuart was cousin of King James VI of Scotland. Also means beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful.

No matter how you define it, Zoya is the master of textured polishes with their Pixie Dusts. Arabella is a jewel. Zoya describes her as a “rich Fuscia pink…” and boy does it sparkle! Shade or sun, I love it! In the photo above, she’s shown here in the natural light of my sunroom. Now here she is in the sun!


She really is a beauty. A regal pink. Lol, I almost typed “eagle” pink! 😉


A Blushing Hump Day mani

Hump day mani

Another bitterly cold winter hump day here in the Midwest. All I can think about is Springtime and sunshine, flowers and fresh air! So my solution to bring on the Spring was a blushing pastel mani.

Perusing through my collection of lacquers, my eyes were immediately drawn to the soft pinks, blues and pale lavenders hidden amongst the vamps and glitters. My pinks were beckoning me…”Pick me. I’m soft and delicate. You know you want me.” I caved.

I love the polish collections at Rue21 and icing. They have fun shades and seem to keep up with the trends including indie-like concoctions. And all for bargain prices. These two pinks jumped out at me. I’d love to give you the Pink Ice names but, and yes I’m shouting…THEY HAVE NO NAMES! Sorry, had to emote. Anyway, they do have style numbers. And the Icing glitter topper did at least have a name. It’s “Sugar Coated”.

The shimmery pale pink on the left I used an a base undie. The shimmer is a gorgeous hint of gold. Not enough to really change the pink, but enough to give it depth. I was surprised to see how it dried to a satiny finish. It’s really quite lovely and nearly a one coater. According to the label the Style number is 1564 and the color is 057. I left it to one coat since I was going to too it with the crelly on the right.

I topped “057” (now doesn’t that sound absurd?! 😉) with this gorgeous pale crelly, Style number 1380 and Color number 068. I had first tried her on her own and quickly found it would have taken at least four coats to be opaque. It reminds me of the milk left over from eating cereal with red cereal berries that bled and left the milk pink. Yum! Lol Inside you’ll find foiled pink flakies and hexis, tiny pink micro glitters and silver flakies and hexis.


I then topped two fingers with the Sugar Coated then bright pink mini flower studs. I’d love to do some other color variations of this mani. It’s pretty quick to do and really what took the most time was placing the studs. My nail beds are pretty small so that’s always a challenge.


I hoped you enjoyed my hump day mani. It sure brightened my day!

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