Mini haul Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you to Ulta for my birthday present! I may not be a power buyer at Ulta but it’s nice that they remembered my birthday month (I’m a card carrying member) with a nice gift! I got an email a short while ago with a coupon for a free high end mascara by CK One (an $18 value)!

I never spend more than $9 or $10 on mascara and I’ve just recently discovered a new fave, The Rocket by Maybelline. I LOVE everything about The Rocket. The formula, fantastic. The brush, perfect for top and bottom lashes. Which is a big issue for someone with smallish eyes but long lashes. It’s a big deal to me to not get mascara all over my skin when applying. The Rocket’s brush immediately curls my lashes with 0 effort. I’m hoping, but beggars can’t be choosers, that this CK masacara will be just as impressive. I’m just jazzed to have gotten it for free.

The rest of my mini haul involved all three polishes for $4.99 ea (on sale) plus I received a thank you coupon from Ulta for $5 off $10+ purchase. So, I basically paid $10 for these three. If I’d bought them at full price, I’d have had to pay about $14 for the SpaRitual Intuition (this is my first) and one I’ve been drooling over for months; the Zoya Pixie Dusts (this one is Dhara) are $10ea and the OPI Liquid Sands (this one is What Wizardry is This?) are $10 ea. So, $34 full price for those three and $18 mascara = value of $52, all for $10. Happy birthday to me! πŸ˜‰

Gorgeous gold infused sparkle in this OPI Liquid Sand.

Gorgeous gold infused sparkle in this OPI Liquid Sand.

I might mention I can thank Nicole from the Youtube channel, youngwildandpolished, for suggesting this Liquid Sand. I saw it was one of her Top Ten polishes for 2013 and the swatch was so amazing, it immediately made my wish list. Then I saw it for $4.99…heck yeah! Thanks Nicole. You little lacquer vixen you!


Serious haulage

Serious haulage

It’s going to take me years, maybe decades to swatch my collection. Factoring in the sheer volume of my hauls, time constraints, and wanting to wear each mani at least two days, it’s going to take some time! I promise to post each new mani. But don’t expect a daily update of any of the new lacquers I’ve hauled. Not happening!

Yesterday while shopping with my dear niece, I managed to drag her along to Ulta, Sally Beauty, Claires, Walmart. Except for Walmart, all my buys from other stores were either BOGO, or buy 2/get 1, or other great deal. So please don’t judge me! πŸ˜‰ I followed Chelsea into Victoria Secret and low and behold, nail polish. Who’d a thunk it?! I figured 2 for $15 for some glorious paint was a good deal. VS doesn’t make junk and their selection was pretty sweet. It was hard to decide and I also snagged a bottle of Very Sexy Touch Fragrance Mist since I’m getting low on colognes. It’s really yummy!

Now, on to this basket of beauties. I picked up one more Revlon Parfumarie making a grand total of seven deliciously scented polishes. I finally found Moonlit Woods. The dusky lavender is a delicate shimmer of silver softly swirling throughout. LOL Say THAT 10 times fast πŸ˜‰ When dry the fragrance reminds me of Moon Flowers (a large vining, white nighttime blooming flower, sort of like Morning Glories), mixed with a hint of vanilla. Beautiful.

The two polishes from VS are, Just Kiss me (a peppy pink holographic) and Thrill Seeker, a plummy jelly full of silver and burgundy shimmer. The formulas look very nice and should be opaque in two coats.

At the checkout counter at Claires, they had BOGO deals, so I bought one textured polish (their Sand line) in really cute summer shades. The pale sky blue is called Tidal wave and has a dense amount of tiny silver glitters. A total sparkler! The pale pink Sand is called Bikini, my free one, is soft pink and silver micro glitter. I’ll make best use of these this spring and summer.

I’d already picked up most of what I wanted at the other stores, but my last stop was at Sally Beauty. I’d been eyeing the little mini bottles of China Glaze wintery sparkle top coats…Travel in Colour. Weird name for a pearly white base top coat. But it’s truly beautiful and I think it’s pretty opaque for a topper. I think three coats should do it. I’ll probably use it as a topper or accent nail with three coats. It’s base is so rainbowy. Is that a word? Probably not. But it is! It’s iridescent with a ton of holo, silver, micro glitters. I have plenty of toppers in clear, jelly or white bases. But none like this with that iridescent coloring in the while base.

The rest of my haul spanned between two different Ulta stores. In full size bottles, they had a 5 for $5 deal on display, along with various other products such as bath puffs, nail files and clippers, hand lotions etc. But all I was interested in were the polishes. It looked pretty picked over but I found five. One in a raspberry/magenta shimmer called Grin & Berry It. It’s a real “in your face” color, but wow, it’s very opaque and smooth as silk. These are all the Salon Formula line. One of the most gorgeous purples I’ve laid eyes on is called Ultra Violet Femme. It looks a lot like Belinda in Zoya, but a tad lighter. I got another purple from this line, called Celebutante. It’s just a medium lavender creme, slightly on the dusky side. Then I moved outside of my usual comfort zone and picked up a pretty black full of black and steel glitters. It’s just gorgeous and I plan to wear it with a silver accent nail and maybe silver French tips. Lastly was the craziest name of all. Pinata-Yada-Yada. Recording these in my journal made me wonder, who in the world is tasked with coming up with these LONG names? Don’t they know we have to write all these down? LOL This one is just a densely packed glitter topper, clear base. The glitters range from micro glitters, to small, medium and medium hexis. Great for an accent nail, or even in a jelly sandwich mani.

I’ve saved the best for last. Since Ulta had the buy 2/get 1 sale going for Zoya (plus I had $3.50 off coupons for each store) I saved a boat load of money on these. I won’t go into detail, you can look them up and swatch/mani updates here are coming…eventually! Here are the Zoyas I got yesterday: Storm (black holo), Feifei, Ziv, Mason, Kerry, and these Pixie Dusts; Rikki, Tomoko, Chita and Arabella. Zoya, you KNOW I love you! πŸ˜‰ I also have five on order from, because I couldn’t find these in either store. They are the Pixie Dusts in Solange and Liberty, and, two holos in Logan and Aurora. And a berry colored jelly, Paloma.

That should do me for awhile. You don’t believe me, do you?