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Juicy Watermelon mani with Essie Watermelon!

Want a slice of watermelon? Try some from Essie!
Want a slice of watermelon? Try some from Essie!

When I see watermelons I think of long hot summers on the patio and seed spitting competition with my brother. I love watermelon any time of year that I can get it. You may think this is weird, but I salt mine! It’s how I was raised, I can’t help it. My mom told me it brings out the flavor. I think she just liked salt, lol. Anyway, watermelon and summer are joined at the hip and here’s a summery design you might like to try. Seriously if I can do it, anyone can!

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Essie nail polish in this juicy summer shade called Watermelon. I don’t know how this one has escaped me but I fell in love with it right away. I just wanted to share a quick mani idea with you, and I can’t take credit for it but I’ll share with you who inspired me in a moment.

Seeing how this color can stand just lovely on it’s own, I got to thinking how cute it would be to create some watermelon nail art. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I’m NO nail artist. That won’t keep my from trying once in a blue! 😉 I punched In the words watermelon mani on YouTube, and came up with several choices for tutorials. The one I liked best on YouTube was presented by the lovely BiancaXOBeautyy. Thank you Bianca for sharing such a cute idea!

Polishes I used for this mani were, for the juicy red Essie Watermelon, for the green I used Zoya Josie with pale green stripes of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Mint Sorbet, white of the rind I used Wet & Wild Megalast in Whipped Topping, and finally for the seeds, Wet & Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme. I topped the whole thing with Seche Vite. Did I do my right hand as well? I knew you were going to ask. No way! Lol It would have looked like my nails had been put in a blender 😉 On my right hand is all fruit, no seeds, no rind. 🙂