Manis and lacquers

Confetti Under the Sea

Confetti Under the Sea

Okay, I couldn’t help myself…I’m on a roll! A Claire’s roll that is. In my previous post I shouted praises of how much I like these boutique polishes. Just a quick post here to bring you a macro shot of the jam-packed glitter bomb (bottle at the left in first photo) named Confetti. I do believe she could stand on her own with two coats. But since I was trying out Under the Sea, a complex duoshimmer I figured I’d try one coat over…Under the Sea! Confetti is a clear base with micro white bar glitters, tiny magenta, green, blue, silver, gold and red hex glitters.


Soon, I’ll try to bring you a macro shot of Under the Sea. Because up close, the teal, blue, green microshimmer has flakies! Yes, you heard me. They are the tiniest flakies I’ve ever seen, but you either have to have really young eyes, or see it in a macro. Don’t you love it when I tease? By the way, Under the Sea, by itself, looks best in three coats. It does color shift. Stay tuned for more of Claire’s magic!