Manis and lacquers

Zoya Barefoot collection for all 10 digits!

Ok, so you may have noticed I have been a bit AWOL since Spring. I have a really good excuse. Well, a couple of them. A few injuries and hand swelling from gardening…and gardening! 😉 We built a raised bed garden deck and I have been gardening veggies. Along with that I have done some MAJOR tree pruning, and removing yards and yards of evil lava rock from our flowerbeds to replace with mulch. Ergo, swollen knuckles. No, freakishly swollen knuckles! So with the busyness of that and swollen hands. I have had to pick and choose the days I have swatched and photographed. But I am getting so behind, so here we go, getting caught up! So sorry, life happens. 🙂 You may notice the shorter nails as well, it’s either shorten then for summer or suffer even more injuries. So until fall, they will remain shorter. But enough of all that. Let’s look at the lovely Barefoot collection by Zoya!

A lovely pinky nude creme called Joey paired with shimmery tomato shade Marcy from the Zoya Barefoot collection.
Here is a set of shades made for each other for a more neutral look using two of the Zoya Barefoot collection. The cool medium creme is Tessa and metallic shimmer nude called Keira.
Gorgeous on your toes as well, I love this combo using metallic rosy shade of Robby, and creme deep mauve of Liza, from the Zoya Barefoot collection.
I love this cool combo from the Zoya Barefoot collection using deep blue creme, Walker; sky blue creme. Eleni, and silver sparkles with white shards topper, Dallas.
From Zoya Barefoot collection, here is a buttery yellow creme, Bee in 2 coats.

Zoya Barefoot collection Set A from left: Joey, Tessa, Keira, Marcy, Liza and Robbie.

Here is Set B from the Zoya Barefoot collection. From left: Dacey, Rie, Walker, Eleni, Bee and Dallas. These can be purchased in sets or individually.

Which are your favorites? I think Dallas is a lovely topper for any of the shades. Eleni is one of my favorite cremes, and Robbie won me over immediately!

*Products were sent to me at no cost and all opinions are my own.

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