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Glitter Lambs Loose Eyeshadow pigments find another use!

Well, leave it to me to repurpose all things cosmetic! I saw Glitter Lambs new eyeshadows and highlighters, and they are satiny soft and easy to blend, and it occurred to me they might rub nicely into gel polish. I was right! They impart either a metallic, color changing effect, or just add a hint of a little extra something! I used these over gel polish and no wipe top coat. You can see on Jamie’s Glitter Lambs Etsy page or web site how pigmented and highlighted they really are on the skin. Some items may be temporarily sold out. Let’s take a look at my swatches! Remember, these are actually meant for eyeshadow and highlighters, but work well as nail pigments!

Glitter Lambs Bioluminescent loose eyeshadow rubbed into a 30-second cured no wipe top coat, over Madam Glam Tomboy gel polish! Just…wow!
GlitterLambs 24 Karat Eyeshadow, Gold Loose Eyeshadow Pot. Shown swatched over white gel polish on left side shows a true gold metallic look and over black on the right gives a metallic goldish green effect. “24 Karat” is a gold loose eyeshadow pigment.
Aquarium Eyeshadow Pot by Glitter Lambs. “Aquarium” is a sheer shimmery light green with a light gold shift loose eyeshadow pigment.
Here it is used as a pigment over white gel polish, is much more iridescent than pictured! I also tried it over black but the effect is too subtle to capture.
Arctic (with Blue Flash) Loose Eyeshadow/Highlighter Pot
Glitter Lambs “Arctic” is a white loose eyeshadow pigment that has a blue flash when applied to the skin. Can be used as a highlighter as well. And of course, being the part-time alchemist that I am, I tried it over black and white gel polish! Over white it has a delicate blue shimmer and over black it’s a gorgeous blue metallic!
Glitter Lambs Buttercream (Gold Flash) Loose Eyeshadow/Highlighter Pot. “Buttercream” is a white loose eyeshadow pigment that has a gold flash when applied to the skin. Can be used as a highlighter as well. Applied here over white on left (in the right light gives a delicate gold flash pearl), and over black a deep antique gold metallic.
Classy is a creme colored with gold flash eyeshadow that can also be used as a highlighter. Here I applied it like pigment over white gel polish (with no wipe topcoat light cured for 30 seconds as with all these) and you can’t really see in this photo, but in light and full sun you can see a soft golden sparkle. Beautiful!
Foxy Eyeshadow Pot, Loose Eyeshadow Pot, a Deep Reddish berry shade. I used it over black polish here but can also be used for a lighter effect over white!
Glow loose eyeshadow by Glitter Lambs is a dreamy golden shifting pigment, and over black polish becomes a coppery bronze!
Glitter Lambs “Licorice” Glitter Eyeshadow Pot, Holographic Loose glitter at Glitter Lambs “Licorice” is a black holographic .008 cosmetic glitter that has a slight rainbow prism shift to it. Sprinkled over black topped with gel topcoat before curing for a dimensional textured holo black look!
Phantom (Purple Flash) Highlighter Pot by Glitter Lambs. “Phantom” is a white loose eyeshadow pigment that has a purple flash when applied to the skin. Can be used as a highlighter as well. Over black becomes a metallic deep purple!
Platinum Silver Loose Eye shadow Pot. Glitter Lambs “Platinum” is a silver loose eyeshadow pigment. Glitter Lambs Loose Eyeshadow Pigments can be applied with the finger for a more intense color or you can use an eyeshadow sponge-tip applicator. This richly pigmented silver is sure to be a head turner. It’s A BEAUTY! Amazing soft metallic silver over white or black polish!
Glitter Lambs “Zombie Apocalypse” Glitter Eyeshadow Pot
by Glitter Lambs “Zombie Apocalypse” is a black glitter powder in a .002 size. This is an extremely small tiny cut glitter and almost like a powder.. You will only see the rainbow prism shift in this glitter in natural/outdoor sunlight.
If it’s overcast outside then the glitter will look like just a black glitter with no holo.
Indoors this glitter will look black. ONLY THE SUNLIGHT OUTSIDE WILL BRING OUT THE SCREAMS IN THESE ZOMBIES! An edgey textured effect sprinkled over any wet topcoat! If you use gel topcoat, sprinkle on wet then cure. Over regular topcoat, sprinkle over wet, and optionally top again with matte or glossy topcoat.

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*Glitter Lambs products were sent at no cost and provided for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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