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New shades of Sparkle & Co. Gel Polish arriving!

Arriving soon at, new Sparkle & Co. gel polish shades and I’ve got swatches! Today I have 16 new colors and they are all stunning. This will be graphic intensive and I thought about breaking it up into three posts, but why not entice you all at once?! 😉 So here they are. All (as usual) use gel base coat, cured, colors (1 or 2 coats, see each photo caption for what I used) and top coat cured. Only exception is the hot pink jelly gel, see below! Here we go!

One of the new Sparkle and Co. gel polishes is this medium smokey blue, #004.
Here is #007 from Sparkle & Co., new shades of gel polish. A medium smokey lilac.
I LOVE this deep forest green shade, #011, from the new shades of gel polish by Sparkle & Co.
Amazing look of hot pink molten metal! All accomplished using the new hot pink jelly gel polish over Sparkle & Co. Chrome Pure pigment powder, #012, all with black #001 gel polish, also available by Sparkle & Co., at Basically, base coat, black gel, no wipe top coat at 30 seconds cure, Chrome Pure buffed in, then a thin coat of #012 hot pink jelly gel polish, finish with coat of top coat and cure.
So you saw the new hot pink jelly gel polish #012 over chrome pigment. Here she is on her own, only 2 coats (use 2-3 coats depending on your method), and oh my gosh, I’m in love with it this way too!
Feast your eyes! Another super pigmented Sparkle & Co. gel polish #027 from A deep chocolate-brown with a hint of tint with raisin red! This is a MUST HAVE!
#049 gel polish by Sparkle & Co., is a very pigmented medium gray. Cool and calming!
A perfect nude for all skin tones, #003 in 2 coats, this gel polish by Sparkle & Co., is perfect for any occasion.
Mmm, a cool mint green, soft and soothing! This new gel polish shade by Sparkle & Co. is fully opaque in 2 coats.
It’s harvest time and we all need a good pumpkin shade in our lives. This 2-coat gel polish #043, is a fall essential, by Sparkle & Co.
#046 in 2 coats, a pale powder blue, as soft as a crisp autumn sky by Sparkle & Co.
#050 in 2 coats, a medium warm pink (I don’t know how else to describe it!) is gorgeous for any time of year. By Sparkle & Co. at
#009 in 2 coats, I describe this new gel polish shade by Sparkle & Co., as a pale peach, or even a bleached peach!
A perfect medium warm rose, or a warm coral, this highly pigmented gel polish from the new shades by Sparkle & Co. is a winner at 1 coat, from
So hard to really capture, or describe! This is 2 coats of #026 gel polish by Sparkle & Co. I describe as a light cool pink or maybe a pale bleached raspberry? It’s a bit more lavender, just a smidge in real life.
Another one that gave my camera fits, a super pale powder pink, #052 in 2 coats. By Sparkle & Co.
#070 is a perfectly pigmented neon peach gel polish, bright but not overly bright. A gorgeous shade for any summer and fall by Sparkle & Co.

CONCLUSION: Totally in love with these, and note, for the hot pink jelly gel over black then Chrome Pure pigment powder: here are the links: Black #001 and Chrome Pure. Amazing gels, Amazing company!

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*These products were supplied to me for review purposes. I was not paid and all opinions are my own. Disclaimer: Differences in color depth, tone or opacity may slightly differ from some of those on the featured store’s web site and sometimes images are using acrylic swatch sticks. All swatches here are done on my long natural nails. Shades are as closely matched as possible between what you see on your computer or device (RGB) and real life. We make every possible attempt to represent the manufacturer’s colors appear as closely as seen in real life.

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