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Here to warm you up…Cozy Collection Luxe Polish for Fall 2017 by Sparkle & Co.!

Where did the summer go? Well, here in Central Texas it’s still hot☀️! LOL Sept. 20 and it’s 91. But soon we might be wearing a light sweater in the evenings and you can bet I’ll be wearing new fall shades on my fingers and toes. Today I get to share with you six fall polishes from Sparkle & Co. at, the Cozy Collection Luxe Polish!

Here they are! This will warm you from the tips of your nails to your toes, the Cozy Collection luxe polishes for Fall 2017 by Sparkle & Co., available now for $10 ea at! From left: Sweater Weather, November Skies, Flannel Nights, Denim Dress, Fireside Chat and Falling in Love! I’m absolutely giddy over these Cozy shades!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these “Cozy” colors!

Sweater Weather from the Fall 2017 Cozy Collection by Sparkle & Co. is a dark chocolate-brown creme with tons of gloss and another 1-coat wonder (the whole Fall Collection is 1 coaters). It’s like breaking open a decadent creamy dark chocolate bar…without the calories! 1 Coat!
November Skies from the Fall 2017 Cozy Collection by Sparkle & Co. is a deep cool gray high gloss creme. Like wet concrete on a cool rainy day in November (without the lightning and thunder!). And those November skies match! 1 Coat!
Flannel Nights from the Fall 2017 Cozy Collection by Sparkle & Co. is a deep pine green, glossy and rich. Imagine a warm flannel shirt, the fire is roaring and you are looking out at a pine forest from your cabin. This is it! 1 Coat!
Denim Dress from the Fall 2017 Cozy collection by Sparkle & Co. is a comfy deep denim blue, but classy at the same time! You can’t go wrong this time of year with denim, even on your nails! 1 Coat!
Fireside Chat from the 2017 Cozy Collection for fall by Sparkle & Co. is a deep plum wine, juicy, glossy, sexy! Those chilly Autumn nights call for shades like this. Paint your nails, turn out the lights and light the fire! 1 Coat!
Sparkle & Co. Cozy Collection for Fall 2017 in Falling in Love is not your mother’s rose! This glossy deepened warm rose is a super classy new way to wear this shade. It’s rich and warm and perfect for any skin tone. It’s the perfect breakaway shade to transition you from that Indian summer into early fall. 1 Coat!
Not to be outdone by the amazing shades available now by Sparkle & Co., you’ve got to try these amazing essentials with the Luxe Polishes by Sparkle & Co.! Quick Dry Top Coat (no kidding, this is a speed demon) and Sticky Base Coat. Buy in a set or single at

Via the store:

“15ml Luxury Nail Polish Formula: Quick Drying, Amazing Coverage and Cozy Fall Colors! Choose your preferred color from the drop down box or choose the 8 piece collection!

These are regular nail polishes, not gel. Our Luxurious Collections of nail polish mean no lamps, no curing, but all the luxury of super creamy, very opaque and long lasting polishes for our lacquer connoisseurs.

And let’s not forget to include the Base and Top Coats (sold separately under the nail polish category):
• Sticky Base Coat (specially formulated to help nail polish adhere to prevent chipping and help extend the wear of your polish).
• Quick Dry Top Coat (luxuriously thick, creates an ultra glossy finish! Much like a gel-like top coat).
• Matte Top Coat (For a classic matte finish, just apply a thin coat instead of your regular glossy top coat and let dry).
• Unicorn Confetti Peel Away Base (Super fun cuticle guard protector.  Just paint on around the edges of your nail (on skin) and let dry.  Begin any pigment powder or polish application and then when finished, just peel away! Great for nail artists!)
• Peel Away Cuticle treatment (A temporary option for gel and dip powders. Even under glitter polishes or hard to remove nail art treatments. Apply 1 coat of this and let dry thoroughly. Then apply your gel or dip application. When you are ready to remove, simply lift at the edges of your nail with an orangewood stick or cuticle tool. It will pop/peel right off! This can also be used as a cuticle guard around your cuticles!)
Each season, will release 6 new colors!”

CONCLUSION: These polishes are simply amazing. Easy to apply, great brushes, highly pigmented, long-wearing and the colors are gorgeous! My fave of this collection, oh that’s hard, I LOVE Fireside Chat. How can you resist any of them?

Be sure to take advantage of the 15% OFF SITEWIDE SALE enter my CODE: Lori15 PLUS Free shipping in US!

You can get your pigments, gel polishes, regular polishes and more here, as well as Ezdip powder nail treatments… • IG: @52weeksofbeauty and @oceansofbeauty

And watch owner Christy talk about her other beauty products on Youtube, look for 52weeksofbeauty.

*These products were supplied to me for review purposes. I was not paid and all opinions are my own. Disclaimer: Differences in color depth, tone or opacity may slightly differ from some of those on the featured store’s web site and sometimes images are using acrylic swatch sticks. All swatches here are done on my long natural nails. Shades are as closely matched as possible between what you see on your computer or device (RGB) and real life. We make every possible attempt to represent the manufacturer’s colors appear as closely as seen in real life.

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