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Born Pretty Store swatches to share!

I have received a few items from the Born Pretty Store, and since they were arriving separately in my mailbox, I wanted to wait until they all arrived and post them all together. So I have quite a selection of items for nail art so grab a coffee and have a seat. Here we go!

I’ll start with the best…and work down 😉 Yeah, some were what I call “close” but no cigar. At least not for me. I think my favorite item from this menagerie was the Cat Eye Gel polish. It came with a special magnet that you hold over the polish before its cured, creating a mesmerizing cat eye effect. Now I want it in every color! I give this one 5 stars because the magnet was easy to use, the gel had a good strong amount of magnetics to create a stunning look. Color is BP-08 Jade Cat Eye.

Here is Born Pretty Professional UV & LED Soak Off Color Coat gel polish, Cat Eye in the color Jade. 2 coats.

And to follow-up, here is the same Cat Eye Gel BP-08 Jade with a BP gel holo flakes top coat #03 on top! Love this!

BP gel topper 03 over Jade cat eye gel, BP-08.

You know I absolutely love flakies and powder pigments. They are so transforming and really perk up a mani. First, here some holo flakies in BP 39677, a silver holo.

BP 39677 holo flakies are easy to work with. Can be used over regular polish, mixed into a sheer color, topped with water base top coat or used with gel polish.

And a great silver flakies powder, not to be confused with the super fine metallic chrome pigments, but a bit chunkier. These can be used loose, or burnished in (rubbed into a waterbase top coat or gel no wipe top coat) You’re only limited by your imagination. Go chunky and sparse or rub in a lot! BP silver flakies powder BP 39745.

Her is another pretty gel top coat with holo flakies in color #BP 01 over a rusty red!

This one gets an A for what it could have been. The gradient from red to purple/pink is gorgeous! Nail Foil papers are not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, and I have to admit I’ve worked with better. This one gave me a run for my money and would NOT rub in smoothly, but rather created more of a burnished metallic look. Still pretty, but I have hope for a more fluid look. BP nail foil redpink 38895.

BP nail foil redpink 38895 over a burgundy nail polish.

I had such high hopes for this nail art stamping plate. (BP stamping plate L015) You know of love cats, and this one definitely needs more practice, or maybe the etched images are not etched deep enough. I tried several different polishes that I KNOW have worked great in the past with other plates. Nope, none of them worked right and only gave me partial stamped images. I think this is one of those plates that really does need stamping polish to perform. And those cats are so dang cute! I seriously wanted to sling this plate across the room! LOL But I mushed on. Finally I decided to try a black gel polish and that worked but looked somewhat blurry. But hey. I’m not here to sing the praises of every product I test. This one, cute but I’d give it’s performance 2 stars out of 5. That makes me sad. I’m not finished with it yet. I’ll keep trying because hey, it’s full of cats! LOL

BP stamping plate L015.
BP Kitty stamping plate L015

Remember to use my discount code! On a side note, if you live in the US, or actually anyplace far from the original location of the store, allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery as your items come from Hong Kong/Singapore. Shipping is always FREE Worldwide, payment is via Paypal, Visa and MC. Check this store out for all your nail art, accessory needs including items like jewelry, polishes, cosmetics, contact lenses, phone accessories, manicure equipment and more.

Born Pretty Store 10% Off!
Born Pretty Store 10% Off!

*Items were sent to me at no cost for my honest review.

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