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ILNP Summer Jellies 2017 collection is here!

They’re here!!!! I will start out letting you know, Pre-Orders for the Summer Jellies 2017, as well as the other collection, Summer 2017 (6 polishes) begin June 2nd @ 11AM Pacific! Special preorder price $9ea ltd time so be there to preorder on time. I’ll start with this post on the jellies, and next the Summer Collection. But first, let’s jam on with some Jellies! Insert “eye roll” here. haha

They are here! ILNP Summer Jellies for 2017 consist of 7 juicy summertime, scattered holo micro-flaked jelly polishes! On top L/R is Good Vibes and Sunkissed; bottom is Surfboard and center L/R is Cityscape, Hide and Seek, Misbehaving and Someday.

Easily built up or sandwiched, the sheer formula of our jellies make way for our scattered holographic micro-flakes to work their magic all the way through each layer right down to your nails! The end result is a super crisp and sparkly finish with unmistakable depth. Fully opaque in 2 to 4 coats!

This gorgeously dark stunner from the 2017 Summer Jellies collection by ILNP is described as, “Cityscape is a gorgeously deep, true black holographic nail polish…Carefully formulated to maximize depth and holographic payoff while maintaining a pure, jet black finish.” Here is 2 coats!
Breathtaking and vibrant, Good Vibes from the 2017 Summer Jellies collection by ILNP is described as, “Good Vibes is an incredibly vivid cobalt blue nail polish…The intense cobalt color of Good Vibes, coupled with delicious hues of royal blue, is the perfect canvas for the tremendous holographic sparkle stuffed inside.” Here it is in 3 coats.
Hide and Seek, 1 of 7 amazing holo jellies from the ILNP 2017 Summer Jellies collection is described as, “Hide and Seek is a playful shamrock green holographic nail polish…Step outside and enjoy how the vivid emerald-green leaning base of Hide and Seek is the perfect backdrop for the serious holographic sparkle that will radiate from every angle of your nails!” Here is this gorgeous green in 3 coats.
Misbehaving from the ILNP 2017 Summer Jellies! It is described as, “Super bright and super fun! Misbehaving is an incredibly vivid neon pink holographic nail polish that absolutely screams summer! Studded with an assortment of high-end holographic pigments, Misbehaving goes absolutely wild in the sun with sparkle! Misbehaving is a stunning neon holo that actually lives up to the hype – you will love it!” Here she is in 3 coats!
Fun and juicy, Someday from the ILNP Summer Jellies for 2017 is described as, “Ready for a sweet and juicy lime green holographic nail polish? Someday is the perfect accent for your nails on a sunny day! Stunningly vivid, Someday is carefully formulated with a generous amount of premium holographic particles that effortlessly radiate through each layer. The end result is a deliciously saturated manicure with a rainbow sparkle that doesn’t stop!” This is 3 coats.
Sunkissed is a warm and holo kissed jelly from the 2017 ILNP Summer Jellies collection. It is described as, “Sunkissed is a deliciously bright watermelon red nail polish that will without a doubt leave you salivating! Stuffed with an assortment of premium holographic splendor, the juicy finish of Sunkissed will have your nails dancing with sparkles the moment you step out into the sun!” here it is in 3 coats.
Ahh, my salty world is filled with dreams of beaches, surfing and warm sunny days. Gorgeous Surfboard from the ILNP Summer Jellies for 2017. It is described as, “Surfboard is a tropical turquoise blue nail polish that’s absolutely perfect for a sunny day outdoors! Loaded with an assorted size of holographic goodness, Surfboard beautifully sparkles like magic in the sun.” Here is in 3 coats.

Conclusion: I stand amazed every time ILNP introduces another eye-popping collection each season. I tell you the truth, I’ve NEVER been disappointed with anything Barbra puts out. The Summer Jellies go on like a silky nighty! Ahem, but seriously, I love every one of them, and not a stainer in the bunch.

** Again, pre-orders start at 11 a.m. Pacific on June 2nd! Discounted price for pre-orders of $9 ea.

For all USA orders over $50! For all Canada orders over $100! For all International orders over $200!

Every order you make at will earn you rewards points that you can use towards future purchases!

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*These products were sent to me for my honest review at no cost. I was not financially compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. All photography in this post is by me and cannot be used unless expressly requested from either myself or ILNP.

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