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ILNP Summer 2017 Collection has arrived and pre-orders are June 2!

And now for the other gorgeous collection for Summer 2017 from ILNP, Summer 2017 😉 A super fun collection of six sparkly showoffs, sure to get attention on your sunsoaked fingers and toes. Let’s take a look at what I guarantee, you’ll want to order!

Not to be outdone, here are the 6 new ILNP Summer 2017 polishes! From left, After Party, Beach House, Birthday Suit, Citrus Punch, Daydreamer and Wanderlust.
After Party from the ILNP Summer collection! It is described as, “After Party is a charming blue violet holographic that’s overflowing with sparkle. Jam-packed with blindingly vibrant holographic micro-flakes for a dramatic rainbow sparkle, After Party is a show-stopper! Look closely and you’ll notice a hint of ultra-fine pink shimmer peeking through for a subtle layer of depth and personality. Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” The party on my nails starts with 3 easy coats.
You know of love staying on the beach! Here is Beach House from the ILNP Summer collection for 2017. It is described as, “Beach House is a gorgeous Ultra Holographic aqua-blue nail polish perfect for long sunny days outside! Jam packed with a glorious array of premium holographic pigments, Beach House effortlessly lights up your nails with a dazzling holographic sparkle when in the sun. Look closer in other lighting conditions and you’ll also enjoy a radiant ocean blue twinkle that gives Beach House a little extra special personality! Beach House is part of ILNP’s Ultra Holo™ class of super intense holographic nail polishes; specifically formulated for maximum, in-your-face holographic sparkle! Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” Here it is in only 2 coats!
Time to get “nakey” with Birthday Suit! LOL This beauty from the ILNP Summer collection for 2017 is described as, “Birthday Suit is a beautifully creamy cashmere pink holographic that is sure to please your eyes!Although subtly nude in appearance, Birthday Suit features a captivating assortment of holographic micro flakes for an elegant and lively sparkle in the sun! Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” Here it is in 3 sparkly coats.
Yum! Here is Citrus Punch from the ILNP Summer collection 2017. It is described as, “Citrus Punch is a refreshingly crisp coral holographic nail polish that’s deliciously unique!
Loaded with an array of holographic micro-flakes, Citrus Punch packs a super intense sparkle the minute you step out into the sun! Citrus Punch has been precisely formulated with just the right amount of golden sparkle for a wonderfully vivid orange coral finish that is beyond compare! Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” Here in only 2 coats!
Daydreamer from the ILNP Summer Collection 2017 really stands out! It is described as, “Daydreamer is a stunning flamingo pink Ultra Metallic nail polish that you won’t be able to resist! If you’ve been on the hunt for something uniquely festive, this is it! Daydreamer radiates incredibly feminine hues of pink and a breathtakingly intense sparkle in the sun. A curated array of high-quality holographic pigments nestled in with a precise assortment of silver flakes effortlessly produces a finish like none other. Daydreamer is part of ILNP’s Ultra Metallics™ class of incredibly vivid metallic finish nail polishes; specifically formulated with various ultra-thin metallic flakes for a blinding sparkle with an undeniably rich finish and super-easy removal! Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” Fully opaque in only 2 coats.
Wanderlust from the 2017 Summer Collection by ILNP is so juicy too! It is described as, “Wanderlust is an astonishingly gorgeous holographic fuchsia nail polish with an incredibly rich and saturated finish. Precisely accented with the perfect assortment of premium holographic pigment, Wanderlust effortlessly sparkles like a jewel in the sunlight. Look closer and you’ll even notice subtle hues of gold dancing around the curves of your nails for a truly magical finish. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. Fully opaque in 2 to 3 coats!” Perfect in 3 coats!

Conclusion: Never underestimate the power of a vibrant, sparkly head turning polish on your sun-kissed skin. This collection will not disappoint! I Love every last one of the ILNP Summer 2017 collection.

** Again, pre-orders start at 11 a.m. Pacific on June 2nd! Discounted price for pre-orders of $9 ea.

For all USA orders over $50! For all Canada orders over $100! For all International orders over $200!

Every order you make at will earn you rewards points that you can use towards future purchases!

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*These products were sent to me for my honest review at no cost. I was not financially compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. All photography in this post is by me and cannot be used unless expressly requested from either myself or ILNP.

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