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Sparkle & CO. Chrome Fantasy multichrome pigments are here!

Do you have fantasies of mirror finish nails that shift from every gem you can imagine? I have just the pigment powders you’ve been dreaming of from Sparkle & CO. at! I’ll also introduce you to a super cool peel away cuticle and skin protector to make cleanup of pigment and powders even easier. FYI, these pigments are so luxe that you won’t make much of a mess, but you will want it for all nail art work that involves glitters, shimmers and shine!

The brand new Chrome Fantasy multichrome pigment powders by Sparkle & CO. at! these generous 2 gram jars are so elegant looking and the pigments go on butter smooth. A little goes a long way. From left: Fairyland, Enchantment, Dragon’s Gold, Amber Obsession, Moonshadow and Amethyst Dream.
Where super fun meets super functional! Using the new Sparkle & CO. Cuticle Confetti cuticle peel away liquid available now on Here used before applying the Sparkle & CO. Chrome Fantasy multichrome pigment Amethyst Dream!

And now for these amazing Chrome Fantasy Pigments! I will give you my conclusion now because I can’t wait to say it. These are the Bentley, the Mercedes, the Rolls Royce of multichrome pigments! There…I said it! lol

Here is Fairyland, one of six Sparkle & CO. Chrome Fantasy 2 gram pigments available now at This deep wine shifts from evergreen to gold to amber. It’s always changing, super shiny and a mirror finish with little effort!
Here is Enchantment, one of six Sparkle & CO. Chrome Fantasy pigments in 2 gram jars. A tiny bit goes a long way! Mirror finish and multichrome, this one is predominantly aqua teal blue with strong shifts from purple to fushcia. Use this pigments with either a no wipe top coat gel cured, or easily with a regular polish, (all these swatches done over black but you can do it with any color for different effects) and topped with Top Pure by Sparkle & CO.
Dragon’s Gold is HOT! One of six Sparkle & CO. Chrome Fantasy pigment powders are multichrome and mirror finish over no wipe gel topcoat and Top Pure top coat over regular nail polish. This one shifts from bronze to green to gold and even a lighter green.
Another one of six Chrome Fantasy pigments by Sparkle & CO. at, Amber Obsession is a multichrome mirror finish takes you from fuchsia red to gold to orange.
Moonshadow Moonshadow! I can’t help but think of the song. This multichrome pigment from the new Chrome Fantasy line of pigment powders by Sparkle & CO. at shifts from cerulean blue to purple to deep pink. Be still my heart!
This multichrome mirror finish is Amethyst Dream, one of six new pigments in generous 2 gram sexy jars by Sparkle & CO. at This gem burst on the nail from a purpley pink to bronze to gold. It’s a DREAM!


Apply Base Gel ā€“ Cure 60s LED

Apply Gel Color ā€“ Cure each coat 60s LED

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top ā€“ Cure 30s LED

Apply Chrome Fantasy with sponge applicator, dust off extra, become mesmerized! šŸ˜‰

Optional: Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Protect and cure 60s LED

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top, cure 60s LED

SO EASY and so fun, here I did an oil slick look using all 6 new multichrome pigment powders by Sparkle & CO. at These pigments are super super fine, luxurious and go on like butter! Also pictured is the new Sparkle & CO. silicone nail art applicator. This really buffs pigments to a high shine and the chiseled engs makes it easy to get in close to the cuticle.

Right now and until a new special runs, take advantage of the 10% OFF SITEWIDE SALE enter CODE: SPRINGTIME10 PLUS Free shipping in US!

You can get your pigments, polishes and more here, as well as Ezdip powder nail treatments… ā€¢ IG: @52weeksofbeauty and @ezdipnailsofficial

And watch owner Christy talk about her other beauty products on Youtube, look for 52weeksofbeauty.

*These products were supplied to me for review purposes. I was not paid and all opinions are my own. Disclaimer: Differences in color depth, tone or opacity may slightly differ from some of those on the featured store’s web site and sometimes images are using acrylic swatch sticks. All swatches here are done on my long natural nails. Shades are as closely matched as possible between what you see on your computer or device (RGB) and real life. We make every possible attempt to represent the manufacturer’s colors appear as closely as seen in real life.

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