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ILNP Spring Collection 2017 is springy!

Time for Spring and all the delicate hues and sparks of light that make this season one of our favorites in the polish world. ILNP brings us two six-shade collections and today I’m sharing the first one, Spring Collection 2017. Plus a Limited Edition bonus, The Magician! Let start with the collection.

Aria is described as, “a gorgeously understated sky-blue Ultra Holo nail polish that is almost certain to be a new favorite! The beautifully soft blue shade of Aria provides the perfect foundation for its absolutely incredible linear holographic sparkle. The linear Ultra Holo blend in Aria is jaw-droppingly vibrant in the sunlight. This is not an overstatement or marketing technique either, Aria is genuinely one of the most incredibly vivid linear holographic nail polishes we’ve ever produced! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!”
2 coats of Aria with flash, a combo scattered and linear ultra holo from ILNP for Spring 2017. All six in the collection have amazing formulas.
Ballet Slipper is described as, “a gorgeously delicate soft-pink holographic nail polish. Gentle and feminine, Ballet Slipper features a silky smooth golden peach shimmer that will make your mouth water. Don’t be fooled, she’s an absolute stunner in disguise! Once this beauty steps into the sunlight, prepare to be amazed by the choreography of dazzling holographic sparkles dancing across your nails! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!”
Bermuda Breeze is described as, “a refreshingly bright spring-green Ultra Holo nail polish that is certain to put a smile on your face! Incredibly holographic, Bermuda Breeze packs a sparkle that will not disappoint! We’ve packed Bermuda Breeze with ultra-premium holographic pigments of all sizes for maximum impact! Get this nail polish into the sun and prepare to enjoy the outrageous holographic glow radiating from every nail! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!”
High Tide is described as, “a breathtakingly bright blue-green holographic nail polish with a finish so saturated and rich, you’ll wonder if your nails are still wet! Studded with striking metallic gold and green sparkle, each time you look at your manicure you’ll be reminded of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters! Last but not least, High Tide has been accented with the perfect amount of premium holographic pigments to create the perfect balance of sparkle and shine! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!”
Versailles is described as, “a stunning Ultra Holo nail polish with a beaming vivid yellow gold finish. Accented with luxurious metallic gold sparkles and a blindingly deep array of holographic pigments, Versailles is pure royalty in a bottle! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!” 3 Coats here.
Over the shimmering gold of Versailles from the ILNP Spring 2017 collection, I stamped some filagree in true Parisian style with my Winstonia clear jelly stamper.
Yours Truly is described as, “a beautiful violet-purple holographic nail polish with a gorgeous twist. Look closely at your nails throughout the day and you’ll enjoy hues of soft-pink shimmer along with a generous holographic sparkle and the perfect distribution of tiny gold flakes to bring it all together! Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!”
One of two brand new Spring collections from ILNP starting with this Spring collection of Ultra Holos for 2017. From left: Aria, Ballet Slippers, Bermuda Breeze, High Tide, Versailles and Yours Truly.

And here is the marvelous shade shifting topper, The Magician!

“The Magician makes use of an ultra-rare pigment whose incredibly vibrant and versatile properties have won the hearts of many over the years. Better known as “Unicorn Pee” among those in the nail polish community, this pigment is considered one of the holy grails among nailistas. In the bottle, The Magician appears somewhat subtle and quaint however, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The Magician effortlessly shifts between intense hues of red, orange, and green once applied over just about any base color. One of the most treasured aspects about the ultra-rare pigment used in The Magician is the way it works its magic without overwhelming your base color. This gives you the opportunity to create super unique color combinations of your own as well as bring to life any manicure with a single stroke! While supplies last, Limited Edition! $12.50 1 per customer.
One coat of The Magician over ILNP Super Juiced! It really rocks!
This amazing color shifting wonder i a bottle, The Magician can change any base color into sheer magic! But if you want one, better hurry. They are limited quantity.

CONCLUSION: In danger of sounding like a broken record when it comes to ILNP collections, but who cares! I love this one too! each one of the formulas are amazing, each one need only 2 coats, except the Versailles, I needed three but they go on like butter. And The Magician? Oh. My. Gosh! It’s really magical!

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*These products were sent to me for my honest review at no cost. I was not financially compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. All photography in this post is by me and cannot be used unless expressly requested from either myself or ILNP.

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