Manis and lacquers

SquareHue Dance box for March ’17 – Khon is here!

Vibrant, happy, festive…are the words that come to mind with the March box from SquareHue’s Dance collection, Khon. A Thailand dance inspired collection of colors, gold, red and green. Check it out!

SquareHue takes us to Thailand this month as we celebrate this Dance Collection feature, Khon. From Left: Phra, Nang and Ling. @squarehue #squarehue #squarehueDanceCollection #squarehueKhonMarch17 #squarehuePhra #squarehueLing #squarehueNang #squarehuegives #squarehuefightshumantrafficking
Nang in two coats from the SquareHue Khon box is a vibrant bright dark salmon color high gloss creme.
Ling, a micro glitter in a gold metallic base from the Khon box for March in 2 coats.
Phra from the SquareHue Khon box for March in 1 coat! It is an amazing dark teal shimmer. 
I had a little fun with embellishing with the three shades in this month’s SquareHue Dance collection box, Khon for March. Really wish I had my nails long enough to make them into proper talons for this Thai inspired theme. The salmonish red shade, Nang, and the green, Phra, stamp quite nicely. I used a Born Pretty stamping plate, BP-L 007.

CONCLUSION: Love this month’s box and I love that the red and green polises stamp so well. I’ve been a bit off my nail art game lately since I’m growing my nails back out from some breaks. But I think this got me out of that funk! Great formulas all around.

** A little background on the Khon dance of Thailand via Wikipedia. Khon (Thai: โขน) is a genre of dance drama from Thailand. It is traditionally performed solely in the royal court, by men in masks accompanied by narrators and a traditional piphat ensemble. A variation of this genre with female performers is called khon phu ying (โขนผู้หญิง). Read more about it here!

@SquareHue #squarehue #suarehueDanceCollection2017 #squarehueDanceKhon #squarehueLing #squarehueNang #squarehuePhra #SquareHueGives #SquareHueFightsHumanTrafficking

$21 for Box No.3 and $16 for Box No.2 both include complimentary shipping within the US. An additional $5 is added to ship to Canada. Also available are single bottles and prior collections!

10% OFF! Use code LL10 and get 10% off any order. That coupon code has no expiration date and is valid on any product in our store except the gift subscriptions. You can also hit them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

SquareHue is focusing their HueGive donations from portions of their proceeds to the prevention awareness, protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers. 7-free. 7-Free Clean formula – Does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Ethy Tosylamide, Xylene, or Formaldehyde Resins. Vegan-Friendly. Cruelty-Free. Made in the USA. Complimentary Shipping for US Residents, $5 for Canada.

Ph 305.767.3225
8770 Sunset Dr., STE 342
Miami, FL 33173

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