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Buy Any 3 Whispers Colors, Get the Low Saturation Manicure Kit FREE*!
Now – 1/24/16 (11:59pm EST) USE Code: WHSP

Kit includes 0.25OZ Naked Base, 0.25OZ Pink Perfector, 0.25OZ Naked Gloss, 0.25OZ Fast Dry Drops, 1oz Remove Plus 0.25oz.

Not available for individual sale. $30 Retail Value. *Details on


Zoya Whisters collection, from left:  Cala, April, Eastyn, Misty, Ireland and Lake.

Zoya Whisters collection, from left: Cala, April, Eastyn, Misty, Ireland and Lake.

$9 (US) 
Available in top salons, spas and on
 **BIG5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.


Comments on: "Promo Tuesday! ZOYA WHISPERS LOW SATURATION NEUTRAL!" (4)

  1. Why has no one mentioned the elephant in the room, that Zoya has raised the price of $9.00 polishes ro $10.00 on their website?

    • That would be a question you’d have to contact Zoya for an answer. This is a Media announcement of a promo they are conducting. That raise is price happened over a year ago and I’ve read a lot of discussion about it when it first happened. As with most products, prices do eventually go up. It’s just inflation. The good thing Zoya does however is run a lot of promos throughout the year, like the recycle program where consumers can send in any used polishes and get free products from Zoya. Plus you can purchase their polishes from places like Ulta on clearance all of the time.

      • As I have 76 (80 when I get my latest order) Zoyas in my collection, Zoya is by far the brand I purchase most often. I have never paid more than $9.00 per bottle other than for special polishes, such as Pixie Dust. That was up though my last order placed last Friday.

        I have no objection to the price increase itself, it is the lack of an announcement from Zoya that I found somewhat off putting. As the increase to $10.00 a year ago, all I can say is that I always purchase direct from the Zoya website and the price that I have been paying has been $9.00 or less during special promotions.

  2. I know it’s always a hard pill to swallow when our favorite brands go up in price. I’ve slept a lot since the increase and I know there was a buzz about it for awhile after it took place. I think their polishes are every bit as good as the more expensive brands such as Butter London, etc. Like I said, I usually make my purchases during promos and at Ulta. I applaud you for sticking by your favorite brand!

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