Manis and lacquers

Confessions of a nail polish addict tag!

Well, it had to come out eventually! First off thanks to my sweet, fellow beauty blogger/YouTube celebrity and polish addict, Zenorah at and Zenorah on YouTube. She’s my tagger! I enjoy sharing little nuggets of my boring life. These are always fun to do and to read. So here we go!


Confessions of a nail polish addict Questions:

1. What colour are you wearing right now?
A bright pink called Hotter Than You Pink by OPI.

2. What nail product can’t you live without?
Well if we aren’t talking about color, I’d have to say a good quick-dry topcoat.

3. What is your favorite nail brand?
Too many to number!

4. What shape nail do you wear?
I’m definitely a squoval. Easy to maintain, is the most natural looking for my finger and nail bed shape, and I. Too clumsy to pull off pointed!

5. What’s your go-to Red, Pink & Neutral Nail Polish?
That’s a tough one. I’d have to say that for a mainstream red it would have to be Sookie by Zoya. For the pink, I am going to have to say any baby pink works for me. For neutrals, I love latte shades as well as the new Zoya Naturel line.

6. Short or Long Nails?
Long of course. But not so long that I can’t do housework, mow the yard or or plant flowers!
7. What Nail Polish colors are on your nail wish list?
A Neon holo periwinkle or a Caribbean blue green.

8. When do you paint your nails, morning, afternoon or evening?
Mostly morning to afternoon when the lighting is best since I am usually swatching. I don’t like to paint them at night because I inevitably end up jacking up my mani by morning.

9. What’s your top nail tip you swear by?
Oil dem cuticles! I always apply cuticle oil with a micro slanted flat brush around my cuticles. Then I oil them at night before bed. Dry cuticles are just, unhealthy!

10. What nail polish do you regret buying?
I hate buying a drug store polish, get it home, only to find out it’s a color I already have but the cosmetic company duped it and slapped on a new name. This infuriates me!

11. Neon or Pastel?
Both. Yup, both!

12. What’s your favorite color right now, you wear all the time? I change all the time! But right now, I’m loving all the neon blues and greens.

Well, that’s all I can confess to at the moment. I’m just glad one of the questions was about how many bottles I own. That would be just going too far. šŸ˜‰

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