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My freshly joined Facebook group: The Nail Polish Blogger Connection (blogger linkup)


I’m sure I’ve enlightened my readers over the past year to what inhabits my glittery thoughts and motivations as a nail polish blogger. but in case you missed it, here it is! Yesterday I joined the Facebook group, The Nail Polish Blogger Connection. The individuals in the group are posting a Q & A about their blogs then linking up throughout the month to each other. When you have a blog, about any passion, it’s always nice to have a group of likeminded people that understand and appreciate your triumphs, your struggles, not to mention share our goals and future plans. And fellow NPBCers, be gentle with me here. I’m a newbie 😉 So let’s begin!

What’s the link to your blog?
You’ve arrived! It’s

What is the focus of your blog? (Nail art, stamping, swatching, blended, etc.)
All of the above and more. I not only post swatches of polishes I’ve personally purchases, but also products provided to me free of charge by indie makers, mainstream commercial companies. Within those posts I may include some nail art, different techniques (some sort of lame but I try) and throw in tips and tricks and some turtorial content. I share my own humble opinion on all products I review. I’d rather be remembered as the voice of encouragement and positivity while being honest and to the point. I’m never mean or brutal, but if I find elements in need of improvement, I see myself as a gentle critic, and if I don’t like a product I’ll tell you. I can’t be swayed like a puppet, and you’ll never find a “Debbie Downer” attitude either.

Because you love macros!
Because you love macros!

What made you start blogging?
It goes waaay back! In blogging, I think it’s a way for folks to share their passion with things that they enjoy, opinions they hold and to spread the word. I have enjoyed writing since I was a wee lass. I’ve started two books, STARTED, and several chapters later they live in little tiny digital bunkers in an undisclosed location. It’s a “one of these days I’ll finish them” state of mind. Then, many moons ago I landed a job working for a tiny publishing company that produced two auto mags. Both out of print by now but one was an auto trader, the other a monthly magazine all about car shows. Mainly classics. I was on the composition and photo prep team and my teacher and mentor was a wonderful artist, a U of A grad. She helped me get my feet wet as I dove into the world of digital photography, using Macs (I was a PC girl), Photoshop, Quark and other publishing software. From there I joined the team at our small town newspaper, The Cassville Democrat. Long story short (sometimes an impossibility for me), I ended up wearing many hats there. I wrote, took photos, worked in composition and answered the phone. I worked for them a total of about 12 years. I loved working with them and now my lovely editor, Lisa, has now moved to Steamboat and is the editor for the Steamboat Pilot. How does all this lead to my blogging? Since I was already “into” nail polish collecting and experimenting with different finishes, nail art, etc., and I couldn’t work outside the home for a time, I decided to start the blog! See how I went all around the globe to come to this conclusion? LOL

What keeps you blogging?
“As sands through the hourglass…” So many polishes, so little time. I guess until the world is deprived of the Internet, it’s very likely I will continue blogging about nail polish. It’s not so much for the feedback. After a bit more than a year, I’m still building a following and feedback is sketchy on my blog. On Instagram and Facebook however, feedback is phenominal! I keep blogging because I simply love nail polish, I love color and I love to write.

Cygnus Loop by ILNP.
Cygnus Loop by ILNP.

What other blogs were/are inspirational to you?
I have to say that not only blogs, but some Youtube personalities have inspired me. I could have gone the direction of being a vlogger or Youtuber, but seriously, who wants to see my old face? 😉 For the most part, you get to see my fingers, that’s it! But I can say that bloggers like (but not limited to) The Mercurial Magpie, Miss Hollyberries and Kathleen of Pretty Daysies, have inspired me to push on. There are many others!

What advice would you give to someone just starting a nail blog?
Be consistent and keep a schedule if you can. If you have nothing special to blog about, you can still find things to share whether it’s your system of organization, bargain shopping, gifting, your cat! LOL Be honest but be kind. My mom always taught me you get more with honey than with vinegar and constructive criticism goes a long way. Take good photos, and always continue to learn. Nobody knows it all and there is always room to learn more. My son is a photographer, a late bloomer but he has jumped lightyears ahead of me after I gave him my first castoff of a camera, an old Canon Rebel. He now shoots events, red carpet, film openings, weddings, model shoots, you name it! I’m one proud mama and I now come to him for photographic advice. Find a mentor whether it’s for polish application and cleanup, writing, photography. The more you learn, the better your blog! Practice your application and cleanup! I’d rather see a clean, plain swatch with no art than a artsy mani with flaky cuticles and errant lacquer everywhere.

What is your polish Holy Grail (deliberately left vague…)
Well, by Holy Grail I’m assuming it’s got to be one thing only. In case you haven’t noticed by now I’m quite the Chatty Cathy here. There are so many variants but since I mentioned good nail and cuticle care, I have to say cuticle oils and conditioners. When your nails and cuticles crap out on you and literally take a hit, it changes the whole dynamic of your swatch photography. Whether it’s a broken nail causing you to trim the whole lot, or the attack of the Winter beast, dry air, you’ve got to take good care of your digits! Oil ’em up girls…every night, every morning, after housecleaning and yardwork. Winter dryness, summer sun, bad diet, frequent antibacterial gels are all fierce opponents of your model hand! Don’t let them win. I have at least eight oils and balms that I use. I keep them by the bedside, on the TV room table, kitchen, mani station and bathroom.

CND Solar Oil and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.
CND Solar Oil and Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one item would you take with you?
LOL, I love this question. #1, for me, the beach fanatic, there is no such thing as being “stuck” on a deserted island because I dream of living in a lil shack on a white sand beach with crystal clear water and coconut palms all around. And if one is stuck, you haven’t really planned it so how would you know you had to take a particular item with you? See how analytical I can be? Haha! But, if I was to live out an extended period of time on said deserted island, I would want sunscreen. I’m no spring chicken ya know! 😉 And I did watch “Cast Away” and can use Tom Hanks experience as a survival guide. 🙂

What else would you like to share about your blog?
I have to give kudos to the various contributors that have been so kind to send me their amazing products to review, test and photograph. I may not get paid, it’s a cashless gig (much to the disappointment of my hubby) but it keeps my love of polish, color and nail-care going. I have a never-ending supply of polish and accessories to write about it seems and as long as I can clearly convey my lucid ramblings about nail lacquer, I plan to share it with you until you tell me, “please, for the love of Mike, STOP!” 😉

To end, can you share a link or two to a couple of posts that you’re especially proud of?
My Top 20 faves for 2014 because I couldn’t decide on less Not a lot of verbiage, but a lot of work compiling it!
Say g’day to Squarehue Passport Sydney 9.14
Diving into Sparkling Seas by Pure Ice
Emerald & Ash Cuticle and Nail Oils, let’s get this ball rollin’!

Check out some of the other bloggers in the Nail Polish Blogger Connection here:
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Thank you SO MUCH for reading! You can also find me on Facebook as LacqueredLori, Twitter as Sunnycharacter, Pinterest as Lori Duncan, Instagram as LacqueredLori and as always, right here.

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