Manis and lacquers

Don’t worry, my Zoya swatches are coming soon!

By now you may have started noticing swatches and reviews of the newest darlings on the 2015 Zoya train…those fab new Naturel Satin collection (available now) and the delightfully spunky spring line, the Delight collection (Available to order NOW!). And as always, Zoya continues to think “outside the box” when it comes to new finishes and shades.

Zoya Naturel Satins

Zoya Delight

As we speak, my swatching samplers of the six Naturel Satins and the six springy Delight collecion have appeared at my post office. Since I’m out of town, there they shall stay for another week all snuggled up with a plethora of other nail mail until I return! I can’t wait to get these on my nails ๐Ÿ™‚ But I just wanted to keep you updated in case you thought I was skipping, TOTALLY NOT! LOL Just weird timing that they would show up while I’m in sunny Texas. Please be sure and become a follower of mine. That way you’ll be notified by email when I’ve posted my review and swatches, thanks!

Remember! These sell indiviually for $9 ea. (US) and $54/set all 6 of each collection
Available on

*BIG5FREE: Zoya Satin Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back with my swatches in about a week! Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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