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Well, call it what you will, I swatched so many fabulous polishes this past year, I found it immensely challenging to decide! Coming up with 10 faves, not even doable for me. Even 20 was tough and I wanted to include so many more. But I HAD to narrow it down and I have to say, this was a job! But I’ll just post the 20, same pics I posted a couple of hours ago in Instagram. Because after all, it IS New Years Eve! No, I’m not going anywhere. Too cold and too many dodgy drivers out there. Enjoy!

1st 5




Polish brands included were:

Chloe & Bella
Glitter Lambs
CND Vinylux
Cult Cosmetics
Emerald & Ash
Madam Glam
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer
Spell Polish

*Some polishes were sent to me for review, but not all. All work is my own as are my opinions.


Comments on: "My Top 20 Faves for 2014…because I couldn’t decide on less :-)" (3)

  1. Thank you Lori for including Chloe & Bella!!! It’s such an honor!

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