Manis and lacquers

Glitter Lambs “It’s So Fluffy!”

I wanted to bring you a quick post this evening. It’s been a hectic week of doctor visits (for me and for my mother-in-law) and then yesterday my Internet was down. So although I got a few swatches done, I’m still behind getting them posted. Anyway, I’ll try to get a couple posted tonite then get back on track tomorrow.

First up tonite is a crazy cute glitter topper by Glitter Lambs called It’s So Fluffy. Hmm, where have I heard that term before?! I decided to go with a unicorn accent…the beloved object of desire for little Agnes of Despicable Me.

It's So Fluffy!
It’s So Fluffy!

This glitter is described as “a glitter topper nail polish that is a clear base filled with pink dots, white squares, pink hex in many different sizes and some rainbow holographic glitter. This would look beautiful over a hot pink color. 1-2 coats over another color looks the best!”

This lil gem is loaded!
This lil gem is loaded!

Here it is close up!

One coat over any base color works!
One coat over any base color works!

Use Glitter Lambs coupon code HEART15 on $30.00 or more to get 15% off on ALL OF POLISHES! All of their polishes are made to order and will ship out in 1-2 days. Order yours here:

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This Glitter Lambs polish has been sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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