Manis and lacquers

Lorene from Shimmer Polish is stunning

When Cindy from Shimmer Polish contacted me about sending me some of her polishes the other day, I think I actually did a little chair dance! πŸ˜‰ Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of her beautiful creations with you. Each named for a friend or loved one that inspired the gorgeous glitter combos within.

I’ll start off with the one called Lorene. It was so hard to choose which to start with so I just went for the one closest to my name!

Loving Lorene!

Lorene is described as, “Raspberry Jelly Melange Glitter Polish. It contains Glitter, squares, circles, hex, dot, shimmer, holographic, nail polish, Silver, sea foam green, nail lacquer, cyan, blue.”

These polishes also work wonderfully as jelly sandwich fillers since they are so smooth and glitter packed. I used Zoya Paloma on the accent nail as she seemed the perfect jelly for the job.

Let me tell you, I knew Cindy’s glitters went on smooth and dried smooth because she sent me one called “Jennifer” about a year ago. That was back when my swatches were, um, well, I’ve come a long way! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I was so excited to review more because they are SO easy to apply, so full of goodies yet they don’t dry chunky or rough. They are great on their own, topped over a base color, as glitter accents or gradients, jelly sandwiches, you name it. Note, I used two thin coats over one coat of Paloma, a jelly from Zoya. Here is a closeup on the nail.

Lorene macro on the nail.

I can’t wait for you to see the other girls. In the meantime, check Shimmer Polish out for yourself?

You can shop for Shimmer Polish here: for blog for giveaways for store
Instagram @shimmerpolish

At this time, the .5 fl oz bottles are $12ea and customs are $15ea. And she takes Paypal, Perfect!

These products were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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