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Chloe & Bella 3-Part Series, Part II

on August 3, 2014

In this second installment of my 3-part series on Chloe & Bella polishes, I’m pleased to tell you that these three are as the first three I swatched last week. They go on smooth and each of these are completely different in texture. Freesia is what I’d describe as a crelly glitter topcoat. Pink Silk is a holographic, slightly linear in three coats, so shimmery and glossy. And Black Opal is a lovely complex multi-hued opalescent topcoat when applied over a base color, preferably dark.

Freesia, Pink Silk and Black Opal

Freesia, Pink Silk and Black Opal

Freesia is a lovely topcoat.



Barbara describes Freesia like this. “Freesia is a gorgeous blend that includes a soft shimmering purple base, three different bright yellow glitters, four different white glitters, and five different purple glitters of various sizes and shapes. This polish is absolutely PACKED with sparkle! Freesia is semi-sheer at one coat and opaque at three coats. It also makes a beautiful top coat over white, yellow, or any one of your favorite colors.” I’d highly recommend using this beauty as a glitter topcoat.

Pink Silk dries to a very glossy finish. Typically holo packed polishes may pull unless you paint it with a light hand. I was pleased this wasn’t the case. NOTE: Pink Silk will be available soon. It is currently being reformulated to a better version of it’s beautiful self!

A very feminine and pleasing pink.

A very feminine and pleasing pink.

Barbara describes Pink Silk this way. “Pink Silk is a warm pink color with a bright linear holographic effect. Pink Silk has medium coverage with one coat, and full coverage with two coats.” It’s very smooth and glossy on the nail and for me to get full coverage I used three coats.

And last we have Black Opal. It really changes any black, or any dark polish that needs a little punch! I used it here over Zoya Storm.

I painted one coat over storm by Zoya.

I painted one coat over storm by Zoya.

Black Opal is described like this. “Black Opal is a gorgeous multichrome that features flashes of blue, black, purple, red, and copper. Depending on the light source and viewing angle, this polish appears completely different!” I recommend using it as a shade shifting topcoat for the most intense effect, like over black, deep purples and blues.

By the end of the week I’ll be presenting the final three polishes in this series!

Don’t wait for Part III of this series to go shop Chloe & Bella polishes. See below for links and get shopping!

Shop and visit Barbara here:

Instagram: @chloeandbellacs
Twitter: @ChloeAndBellaCS

Note: These polishes were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.

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