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Chloe & Bella 3-Part Series! Part I

Indie polish makers are an awesome kind of special people. Number one, they are so creative out the wazoo…and number two, they inspire us as nail bloggers and shoppers. I recently discovered Chloe & Bella via some Instagram posts by a phenominal blogger, Kirby, “The Mercurial Magpie”. Kirby is the kind of blogger we all aspire to be. Honest, talented and oh so blessed. When she’s impressed with a polish, my ears perk up!

Barbara is the owner/creator of Chloe & Bella and I received nine polishes to swatch and review. Of course when I open my swatch mail I immediately check my bottles and open each one to make sure they are okay. I could tell these were going to be great formulas even before they went on the nail. The first three I’ll be posting today are:

Christmas in July with Evergreen, Crimson and Snow.
Christmas in July with Evergreen, Crimson and Snow.

I love how these three remind me of Christmas! I know, it’s the end of July, but I figured you might want to shop early 😉 Here is a swatch of gorgeous Evergreen. Barbara describes Evergreen like this. “Evergreen is a cool green duochrome with a bright shift between green and silver. Thrown in for good measure is a healthy heaping of shimmering white flakies.  The flakies add just a touch of sparkle when hit with direct lighting.” I used one coat over a blackened deep green and it’s stunning! I just wanted to be different, and she suggests using it over black to bring out the strongest flashes of color. Either way, you’ll be impressed with this one. It’s sheer in one coat and suggested to use three coats when used on it’s own with no undies. The formula is smooth and perfect. No flooding.

I'm not the best artist, but I try. What could be simpler than an evergreen twig?!
I’m not the best artist, but I try. What could be simpler than an evergreen twig?!

Next we have Crimson. Such a perfect, classy, true red!

To me, this is perfect for a Christmas red. It's glossy too!
To me, this is perfect for a Christmas red. It’s glossy too!

Barbara describes Crimson like this. “Crimson is the classic, romantic, deep red that evokes passion and love…a true red…a semi-sheer at one coat (almost a hot pink) and opaque (deep gorgeous red) at two coats.” I would have to say this glossy sexy red dress red is almost jelly like in texture. Very pigmented for  a jelly though! Love this perfect red.

And the last for this post (stay tuned I have six more to go!), Snow. Now, if you live in a part if the country where you’re dreaming of the white stuff, this may cool you off!

Snow may be used alone or a coat over white. I managed one coat over white undies, but my pinky nail has three coats alone over the bare nail. You can better see this way that it is a winter white and oh so shimmery. Snow may be used alone or a coat over white.

Barbara describes Snow like this. “Snow is a light and feminine, slightly off-white, cream polish. Tons of micro small white, opalescent, and rainbow pearl glitters create that same shimmer that you see in snow on a sunny day.” On my pinky you can see I used three coats on the bare nail, where I used one coat over single white undies for a more pronounced look. It’s medium coverage, a bit thicker than the other two. It’s a slightly off-white shimmery cream. Sort of winter white I’d say!

Grabbing a quote from Barbara’s “about” page on her site, she says this about her inspiration behind the business, “Nail polish is an obsession that started a little later in life for me than it does for most ladies, but that does not make the obsession any less heartfelt or passionate. Glitter (or ANYTHING sparkly) has always been a huge draw for me from the earliest days of childhood. That draw never lessened as life moved along. One day while surfing the internet, I discovered a new-to-me trend: nail art. Wow…this was something that I could really dig into and enjoy!” I think even polish enthusiasts, bloggers and polish hoarders can relate.

Don’t wait for Part II and III of this series to go shop Chloe & Bella polishes! See below for links and get shopping!

Shop and visit Barbara at Chloe & Bella here:

Instagram: @chloeandbellacs
Twitter: @ChloeAndBellaCS

The Mercurial Magpie at

Note: These polishes were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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