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Turn Me On™ lipstick by Cult Cosmetics, in beautiful Muse

And now for something completely different! Cult Cosmetics also sent me one of their new lipsticks. Turn Me On™ by CULT is a crimson matte lipstick with special LED illumination and mirrored case for effortless application. You can really smell the luscious coconut oil!

Muse is a sultry red matte.
Muse is a sultry red matte.

I have to admit, I have thin lips and I don’t wear red well. It accentuates how thin they are! I tend to wear sheers in pinks and taupes for that reason. But of course I had to test this lippy. You know…for research sake. And for your sake, I will dispense with a photo of it on my lips and just give you a swatch on the back of my freckled hand!

Swatch on my hand.
Swatch on my hand.

I found the applicator light to be an amazing addition. The formula is smooth as butter, dries nicely for a matte and does not make your lips feel like you just sucked on an alum pen! For me to pull off a luscious red like this, I have to add a highlighting pale shade which would likely undue the beautiful matte look of this red. I envy you girls with full young lips! Especially now. 🙂 now I’d love to try their pale shade, Aphrodite! That would be right up my alley.

Light it up!
Light it up!

It features; Mirrored Packaging; Matte Liquid Formula and LED light in the lid to help you apply Muse on the go. It retails for $14.99. You can also get a shimmery nude. Turn Me On lip gloss gives lips a celestial shimmer with a shade called Aphrodite that shines from day to night.

CC suggests applying to clean, dry lips for best coverage. Apply gently and allow one minute to dry. It is highly pigmented and longlasting.

This lipstick formula includes: Coconut Oil, Lychee Extract and Vitamin C & E to condition and moisturize lips. It is vegan, and never tested in animals. It does. Or contain parabens, sulfate a, synthetic fragrances, GMOs or Triclosan.

You can find these cosmetics and polishes here:
Instagram (@cultcosmetics)

These products were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.
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