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Philly Loves Lacquer’s AMAZING Duo!

on May 31, 2014
I 95 Quick Dry Topcoat & Penndot Sticky Basecoat

I 95 Quick Dry Topcoat & Penndot Sticky Basecoat

Philly Loves Lacquer will be releasing something amazing in June! I-95 Quick Dry Top Coat and Penndot Sticky Base Coat. I’ve had the chance to play with these gems and I can tell you truthfully, I’m in love!

I rarely get a chance to wear any lacquers more than a day or two and recently I went on vacation for a week. I had the chance to wear some polishes for several days while taking a short break from swatching. I packed these babies with me and used them with every manicure. I even kept one polish on for nearly 5 days, of course using both the base and the top coats.

Awesome twosome!

Awesome twosome!

The base coat dries nearly as quick as the top coat. Yet it gives you plenty of time to smooth on the perfect formula. I have a feeling I am going to use this little treasure up quickly because I love it! It’s smooth and obviously helped my polish adhere well. I spent the whole vacation hunting in the sand for seashells, always covered in seawater!

With one mani that I wore 4 days with both the base and top coats, I had minimal tip wear and no chips. The top coat dries amazingly fast, as fast as many mainstream brands. What I like about this is NO SHRINKAGE! Take that George Costanza! 😉 It’s glossy and the formula is spot on. Whether you layer it over glitter or smooth polish, it’s up for the challenge.

Remember indie polish lovers, the brand new Summer Down the Shore Collection, Philly Loves Lacquer will be released tomorrow, June 1st! It’s a gorgeous set of beachy lacquers. Read my review from a couple of weeks ago and check out the swatches. Believe me, you WANT these!

Plus these new base and top coats will soon be released, early June. So be watching Esther’s site for that. Here are the links below:

Esther’s creations at Also become a follower and stay in touch with all her releases through:




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