Manis and lacquers

First try at pond mani, it’s a start!

First try at pond mani, it's a start!

SO! My first attempt at pond art. It’s a start yo! 😊I’ve seen so many pretty pond manis and I wanted to give it a shot, albeit modified. 😜 I ended up not having time to do my design with my dotting tool so used nail decals! The green jelly is one I made myself. I used a clear base coat and added a few drops of green food coloring. No worries, it surprisingly doesn’t stain! πŸ™€

On the other nails I used Vertigo, a beautiful white creme by wHet. Then topped it with a layer of Sparkling Garbage by Orly.

I know there are a ton of excellent nail artists out there who have done these or ones like it. Tons of tutorials as well. Since I don’t know them all to list them, I’ll just share the one YouTube tutorial I watched! Here is the link to La Lacquer’s tutorial for Pond Manis.

Check out the beautiful professional nail lacquers by wHet at
I LOVES my Orly! See their beautiful collections at


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