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Blue Buttercream Icing by Glitter Lambs will make you drool

on May 31, 2014
Sweet blue!

Sweet blue!

What can I say, blue polishes are my weakness. I was thrilled when Jamie from Glitter Lambs sent me this sapphire beauty to swatch and review. Look at that shimmery perfect blue. It’s reminds me of the blue pacific off one of Maui’s most gorgeous black sand beaches.

Blue Buttercream Icing

Blue Buttercream Icing

The formula is perfect to apply, dries quickly, sort of like Sally Hansen Insta Dri polish. It dries to sort of a satin finish, very soft. If you can see it, I applied a layer of top coat over the pointer and middle fingers, and left the satin finish on the ring and pinkie. It’s a bit difficult to capture the difference in a photo, but it lovely either way.

Sweet macro on the nail

Sweet macro on the nail

See how smooth this is? No streaking, Yay!
Bottle macro

Bottle macro

I hope Jamie plans on making more of these stunning shimmers. Most of her polishes are glitters and glitter toppers. Now she’s adding some shimmery polishes into the mix. Could it get any better? I submit it could not! 😉

Order yours today! Use Glitter Lambs coupon code HEART15 on $30.00 or more to get 15% off on ALL OF POLISHES! All of their polishes are made to order and will ship out in 1-2 days. Plus Jamie also has some clearance items on sale. Order yours here:

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This Glitter Lambs polish has been sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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