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Kerfuffle by wHet, & the Incognito System

on April 20, 2014

Kerfuffle by wHet, & the Incognito System

I’m a huge fan of periwinkle lacquers. It’s like blue and lavender had a wrestling match and they drew a tie! It’s becoming on any complexion and it’s great for spring. wHet sent me some gorgeous shades to review and I couldn’t wait to get this one started. And since I’m testing the Incognito Nail Lacquer 7-day system, I chose their “Kerfuffle”, this luscious, highly pigmented periwinkle. Just last week I posted a review of my first bottle of wHet nail lacquer in Megalomaniac. I was so impressed so I couldn’t wait to review more!

Kerfuffle, (ker-FUF-el), a disorderly outburst or tumult. ;-)

Kerfuffle, (ker-FUF-el), a disorderly outburst or tumult. 😉

I am on day two of the 7-day system, details below. I painted on one layer of the clear combo bottom/top coat. It’s a clear, glossy and thin sealer,mid you will. I will mention that the Kerfuffle is very pigmented and although one cost should do, I used two. And it’s super glossy, just like Megalomaniac. Love that! Then I followed with a top coat of Incognito. As of today, after doing dishes and general wear (I’m test on my dominant right hand and I use my left for swatching polishes) and there are no chips or tip wear. Check back here on this post for an update on Day Seven for results.

By day 7, I had very little tip wear, no chips and the glossiness never failed! I highly recommend this system!

UPDATE! Day 4 of the 7-Day No Chip Incognito System. Following the system suggestions, I’ve had no chipping whatsoever. Only very slight tip wear. Probably due to removing polish from my other hand…the one I swatch and review polishes on. It’s very difficult to avoid remover from getting on your working hand! But I can still tell the system is working great! This will come in so handy when we take our beach vacation and I don’t want to hassle with changing polish as often as I do at home. I’ll report back here on Day 7!

In the coming week, I’ll be reviewing more wHetness! 😉 as they say in the definition, “…to stimulate curiosity, appetite and desire.” wHet lacquers are 3-free, vegan formulas, made in the USA, 7-day chip resistant and based in LOS Angeles, California.

Kerfuffle! Every label has the definition of the lacquer's name.

Kerfuffle! Every label has the definition of the lacquer’s name.

“wHet’s Incognito Nail Lacquer System is The best of Both Worlds!

wHet’s Incognito system uses technology that gives you long lasting, high gloss wear without any harmful chemicals or exposure to UV/LED light. Let’s not forget to mention it removes as easily as regular nail polish, making it possible for the color indecisive to change up their look with no hassle.

The Incognito system requires two simple steps for a 7-day chip resistant finish that mimics the high shine look of a gel polish. The dual functioning clear base/top coat, appropriately named Incognito, is applied to clean nails followed by the wHet lacquer color of your choice. The creamy consistency of the lacquer means it only requires one coat. Finish with a coat of Incognito over the lacquer and viola; you’ve locked in your polish for a 7-day chip free wear! Easy enough right?
For added shine and protection throughout the week, apply Incognito to your nails the next day and again 3-4 days later. When you’re ready to try your next fashion forward color simply remove the lacquer as you would regular nail polish. wHet CEO and Founder said he created the system to “combine the best of both worlds – a gel like finish without the harmful chemicals or hassle of removing it”.

wHet polishes come in 15 ml/.5 fl oz bottles, they’re 3-free, chip-resistant, vegan, limited edition color collections and never tested on animals. You can see all the California-based company’s colors at
Discount code!
Other links include:

Come back soon to my blog as I will soon have more to wHet your appetite. If you haven’t tried this brand I’m telling you right now, get it!

This product was sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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