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Hubble and Globular Cluster M15, available April 24th at

Hubble and Globular Cluster M15, available April 24th at

This indie polish company, Emerald & Ash of Colorado Springs, CO, is one of the most creative I’ve seen. It’s owners, Nate and Ashley, a husband and wife team, are the ones who make all this glorious lacquer happen. Hubby Nate, a physics teacher, claims to be the brains behind everything and Ashley lends her creativity and insight to form and color. A great team indeed! It must be a blast at their house. I’d love to be a fly on their wall.

Before I begin singing my praises about these two new additions to the Hubble family, Globular Cluster M15 and Hubble, I’d like to list the other polishes in the collection. I’m pretty sure the whole set is a must have! They are: Dark Matter, Deep Field, Helix Nebula, Hourglass Nebula and Red Shift. All drool-worthy shades and formulas.

In this post I’m featuring two of the newest additions to the Hubble Collection. Globular Cluster M15 is a black jelly based lacquer filled with silver, gold and blue glitters along with blue and white micro flakies.

Globular Cluster M15  sparkles day and night!

Globular Cluster M15 sparkles day and night!

Look deeper into space and you’ll find silver and gold holographic micro glitter. Like space itself, the deeper you look the more you’ll find.
GC M15 macro bottle shot.

GC M15 macro bottle shot.

The formula glides on smooth and requires two to three coats for full coverage. I think maybe you could try a pure black base and then add two coats, but I did just fine with two. You can wear it with or without topcoat.
 It sparkles like the night sky, like the real globular Cluster M15!

It sparkles like the night sky, like the real globular Cluster M15!

Hubble is an amazing metallic foil polish. The formula slips smoothly onto the nail like skipping stones on the moon. It’s literally mistake proof!

Hubble mani with the Eye of Jupiter!

Hubble mani with the Eye of Jupiter!

I would describe it as a white gold foil but could also be described as a silver foil. It depends how you look at it and the lighting. Inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope, this foil was created to look like the outside of the Hubble. The polish also contains tiny gold and black flakies.
Gorgeous Hubble. So complex!

Gorgeous Hubble. So complex!

It’s like having the telescope’s outer shell on your nails! It’s very reflective and classy. I think it will really look great with a summer tan, but suitable for all seasons.
Here's a macro shot of Hubble in the bottle.

Here’s a macro shot of Hubble in the bottle.

You can wear Hubble with or without a topcoat, although wearing a good topcoat does extend the life of any polish. I used Gelous topcoat here.

It has been well over a year since I tried my hand at painting a galaxy nail. But I thought in honor of the collection I’d take another stab at it. This one is called “The Eye of God”, or “Eye of Jupiter” if you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan as I am! It is also known as the Helix Nebula. Would Starbuck be proud of my nail art? Lol I really don’t think she’d care. She’s not a fru fru girl, but I love her character!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I LOVE these bottles! Square bottles are so easy to store or display and the beautiful Emerald & Ash logo is very professionally printed on the medium size 11 ml and regular size 15 ml bottles. I found the brushes on the 11 ml bottles very easy to maneuver. I understand the larger bottles have a rubberized handle and even flatter brush. They’ve thought of everything. They sent along a cool transparent plastic business card and felt squares for easy glitter polish removal. I had no trouble at all removing these two but they will be nice to have for larger glitter polishes.

April 24th, 1990, is the 24th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope’s space launch. Since then is has been capturing stunning photos of space, welcoming us to gaze upon nebulas, galaxies, deep space and more. In honor of the 24 years of service since its launch, Emerald & Ash will be having a sale on April 24th. All polishes from the Hubble collection, including Globular Cluster M15 and Hubble, will be 24% off. This sale will only be on 4/24 so you better act fast!

Factoids! Ashley sent me this link that shows an image of the Globular Cluster M15 and I was amazed at how they captured the cluster in this polish. Even more reason to say wow! And What got my attention was that this cluster of over 100,000 stars is one of the few easily seen through mere binoculars. Read more here:

The Hubble Space Telescope has now been gliding over earth for 24 years. It has proved to be one of NASA’s most worthwhile achievements with it’s high resolution images. Read more about the Hubble here:

You'll love the whole collection, and you can order your Hubble and Globular Cluster M15 April 24th!

You’ll love the whole collection, and you can order your Hubble and Globular Cluster M15 April 24th!

Emerald & Ash also offer a variety of cuticle oils. All bottles come with a metal roller for easy application. With ingredients such as fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, tea tree oil, vitamin A oil and vitamin E oil, as well as fragrance and essential oils. Some oil scents include Chai Tea, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Blood Orange, Toasted Marshmallow and Lavender to name a few.

Connect with Emerald & Ash here:
Instagram “emeraldandash”
Twitter @emeraldandash

They currently ship to both the US and Canada. You can pay via Paypal and you may also purchase e-gift cards. Cool!

These two lacquers, in the .4 oz/11 ml medium size bottles, were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.


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  1. Great swatches! I love your galaxy nail.

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