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Hip to be Square…Hue that is!

on April 7, 2014
Square Hue's Amsterdam 4.14 from the Passport Collection.

Square Hue’s Amsterdam 4.14 from the Passport Collection.

After seeing many of my Youtube friends giving love on their Square Hue nail polish subscription service, I decided it was high time to give a go. I’m always a bit nervous about getting monthly subscriptions on beauty products. My apprehension is mainly, what if I don’t like anything in the current box? Then it’s a hassle and wasted money. But, No. 1, with high quality products, that’s less of an issue. No. 2, you won’t receive a lot of fluff ‘n stuff with Square Hue, no ma’am! You get polishes, that’s it! Everything is guaranteed and returnable if you’re not satisfied. Plus they give to good causes from some of their proceeds. What’s not to like? Well, on with my review of 4.14 Passport Collection, Amsterdam!

Masterpieces! From left, Kalverstraat, P.C. Hooftstraat and Beethovenstraat. I should mention that each collection comes with a reference card with the names and color blocks. Awesome idea!

Masterpieces! From left, Kalverstraat, P.C. Hooftstraat and Beethovenstraat. I should mention that each collection comes with a reference card with the names and color blocks. Awesome idea!

I was anxiously waiting for my little box to arrive. Oh, and they mail your order on the first of each corresponding month and it’s fast delivery. You get a tracking # by the way. I really wanted to be surprised and the only peek of what “might” arrive was the colored watercolor or pencil drawing from SH. I was imagining perhaps the shades found in the drawing, but I also imagined maybe shades from paintings in a museum there from the colorful 19th century painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Yellows and blues and reds. I cheated and let myself seek out any other subbies that received their packages before me. I was delighted to see the colors were so bright and cheery and of course I’m always drawn in to duochromes…yesssss! Since Amsterdam just makes me think of the art community (and unfortunately I’m not in that elite group) I still attempted to at least try a French dotting design to honor this collection. Best I could do! LOL

Kalverstraat is the reddish/pinkish, coral (sorry, it seems to change depending on the light) and it’s a creme with lots of gloss! It is so wearable because it does seem to go with everything! It has the most opaque formula of the three. Two coats does the trick. Very easy to work with and the brush is easy to handle, not too big or skinny.

Beethoverstraat is a brilliant neon green and what surprised me with this shade being a neon, it dries high gloss! I find most neons dry to a matte or semi matte finish. It is sheer so three coats is necessary but, that being said, as thin as it is it didn’t try to pool, easily buildable and self corrects quite nicely. Easily my fave neon green in my collection.

Last but not least is the GORGEOUS purple duochrome of P.C. Hooftstraat. It is a super glossy medium opacity purple with beautiful shimmers of deep blue. It’s not a strong duochrome in comparison to others I own. But holy moly, it’s glossy! Love it!

The perfect size box. Very conservative!

The perfect size box. Very conservative!

The shades offered monthly by SH are particular to each month of it’s release. There are no permanent collections so if you miss out, you’ll have to find someone to buy your lemming from or check eBay or Amazon. Just thought I’d throw that in free of charge 😉

I LOVE the square bottles, so easy to store or display. The whole packaging is very convenient from the clearview design on every side, to the name and month of the collection’s arrival.

Rio is the Passort Collection for 5.14. Will you join the Carnival?!

Currently Square Hue is focusing their HueGive donations from portions of their proceeds to the prevention awareness, protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers. Even more reason to paint your nails and make a difference.

Currently subscription price for Square Hue is $14.99/mo +Shipping and Handling out of Miami, Florida. Subbies can choose immediate monthly deliveries or suspend/skip months as they wish. You can also hit them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.


8770 Sunset Dr., STE 342
Miami, FL 33173

I bought this collection with my own money and all opinions are my own.

2 responses to “Hip to be Square…Hue that is!

  1. Love the colors on these! That neon green is really loud! I love that! Awesome post and polishes Lori!!!!! 🙂

    • Pcbeachcondo says:

      They really are so wearable. I especially love that they have joined the fight against human trafficking. It’s more prevalent than folks realize! Thank you so much for commenting!

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