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I won Dollish Polishes and these are WINNERS!

on April 3, 2014
Tres Chic goes on like a dream!

Tres Chic goes on like a dream!

I’d all but forgotten when I’d entered the Gloss48 + Accio Lacquer contest! Then I received an email from the founder of Gloss48, Laura Bronner, that I would receive a trio of Gloss48 Exclusive Dollish Polishes. Tres Chic, Wild Orchid and Baby’s Breath! I’ve been wanting some for some time now, and here they are!

Ooh lala...très chic c'est magnifique!

Ooh lala…très chic c’est magnifique!

Great formula, brushes and I LOVE these square bottles. This aquamarine crelly has black hexes, large and medium Fuscia rounds, teal hexes and squares, teal glitters small black matte glitters. I used two coats here.

Next we have this breathtaking Wild Orchid!

So pretty, it's almost regal!

So pretty, it’s almost regal!

This formula was astounding! I mean seriously, I had no doubts and I was so excited to see the holographic shimmer. It’s scattered but just on the cusp of being linear. But the orchid shade would be overtaken I think with too much holo, so I’m glad they left this one as is. One cost will do, but why not two?

Wild Orchid, a force of nature.

Wild Orchid, a force of nature.

I’m still pinching myself. I own these, yes!!! I really wanted to show you outdoor shots, but it was cloudy and threatened to rain all day. Oh well, I can add it in later.

Last is the delicate Baby’s Breath. It’s a blushing baby pink with iridescent shimmering flakies and glitters. You will need three coats of this beautiful baby. But the payoff is worth it.

Baby's Breath is so sweet!

Baby’s Breath is so sweet!

Baby's Breath, as sweet as it sounds!

Baby’s Breath, as sweet as it sounds!

I’m so happy to have won these beauties. Just too cool! If you haven’t already subscribed, check out Gloss48 at, as well as Accio Lacquer at, and get your Dollish Polish at Thank you all from the bottom of my ever lovin’ lacquerdlori heart! ❤


6 responses to “I won Dollish Polishes and these are WINNERS!

  1. darkntwistynails says:

    You lucky girl!!!
    Gorgeous polishes.

  2. Lucy says:

    Wow! All of these look AMAZING! I love that first one, so fun, yet soft and pretty! 😀 Kudos on winning! 😉

  3. These look even MORE gorgeous on you than in the bottle! So happy we could share the love! Gloss48 can’t take any of the credit! These colors were all from Dolly – the creative mastermind behind Dollish!

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