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Summery surprise in my BlackBox!

on March 15, 2014

Summery surprise in my BlackBox!

Ocean blue hues inspired the beautiful PCH (or Pacific Coast Highway in case you’re not familiar with the gorgeous coast of Cali). I grew up in California and although I don’t miss the busier, more congested locations of the sunny State, I do have fond memories of the temperate climate, stunning coast and ohhh, the shopping!

Also included in my box was the coral creme polish called Avalon, which Cult Cosmetics says is “…inspired by the styles of the Hollywood DJ scene…”, but when I saw the name on the bottle I immediately thought of the quaint city of Avalon on Catalina Island. I’ve only been there once but it’s Mediterranean style and laid back atmosphere is hard to forget. This delicate but not understated coral one-coater is stunning. Swatches coming soon.

The pleasant surprise was this beautiful palette by BH Cosmetics. It contains 16 nicely pigmented eyeshadows (both matte and shimmer) and 4 generous face powders, including a highlighter, bronzer, peachy blush and a neutral tan. A perfect combo for that sun-kissed look. The eyeshadows range from a pearl cream highlighter, to deep blues, teals, greens and browns. The whole beachey package is heavy and well made, with magnets for securing each flap, and a nice mirror. The only issue I have with the palette is the magnets are very strong and it’s difficult to keep the whole trio open without it closing itself back up again, all on it’s own. I ended up placing an object between the creases to keep it open. But I think maybe in time these may loosen up.

The BlackBox by Cult Cosmetics of California is a monthly subscription service. I’m not going to quote the monthly fee because it may change by the time someone reads this later on.

You can find more info and pricing at Cult Cosmetics polishes are Vegan, 5-FREE, never Animal-Tested and are proprietary One&Done™ single-coat formulas.

Here is a quote from Cult: “One & Done™ promise: CULT makes a polish that goes on full and thick the very first time. Too many nail polishes require 2-3 watery applications before you get full coverage. Not CULT – it goes on once…and you’re done!”
I can verify their polishes are amazing! The formulas are a dream to work with.


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