Manis and lacquers

I Love my Sugar Daddy!

I Love my Sugar Daddy!

Well, I do! Ok, so after the 100s of bottles (you heard me…don’t judge 😉 I’ve acquired, I’m just now experiencing my first Deborah Lippmanns and I’m pretty excited about it.

I bought three last month at a HUGE discount from a wonderful online shop called Beauty Brands, In fact I believe they have brick and mortars too but you’ll have to see if they have any located near you. I was alerted thanks to Gianna at Her “sightings” enable the bargain hunter in all of us! Lol she had posted an amazing sale for Lippmann polishes for an average price of about $4.50 a bottle and I knew this was the only way to grab a few. Watch for future reviews here as I get them swatched!

Shown here, Sugar Daddy’s formula is glorious! That is the word I quite audibly uttered as I began painting my nails. This stunning duochrome transforms from a Rose fold to yellow gold depending on the light and direction. It’s a beautiful color-shifting lacquer.

Sugar Daddy in full sunlight
Sugar Daddy in full sunlight

I’m pretty sure it would have great staying power but I may never get a chance to test that out since I paint a new color every day or two. I have two more shades to feature and I’m seriously thinking about getting a deep purple I spied on I’d check them out from time to time if you’re looking for an affordable way to pick up some of these luxury polishes.


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