Manis and lacquers

Yummy Pastel Macarons!

Pastel Macarons Pastel Macarons

No, not the delicate French confectionery. That’s a sweet meringue-based cookie, also called Luxemburgerli. Don’t worry, I’m not that cultured…I Googled it! πŸ˜‰

Pastel Macarons
Pastel Macarons

Pastel Macarons is a clear base glitter topper super loaded with light blue hex, yellow hex, green hex, peach hex, white dots, pink dots and white holographic glitters. She’s stunning over just about any pastel, but the rebel in me pulled out the big guns and opted for a sunny coral. ‘Cause that’s how I roll!
Macro on the nail
Macro on the nail

Bottle macro, this baby is LOADED!
Bottle macro, this baby is LOADED!

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