Manis and lacquers

Julep’s Bunny

Julep's Bunny

I’m not a huge fan of most stark white polishes on my hands. Well unless it’s summertime and I have some tan. But Julep’s Bunny doesn’t seem as glaringly white as my only other white polish by Sinful Colors. It’s very pigmented but difficult to get perfect. When you look closely at Bunny in it’s teeny tiny bottle (don’t get me started on that subject) you can see pretty little golden shimmers in there. That’s where they stay unfortunately. Nice try but no cigar! I even caught a glimpse of the gold flecks here. Albeit ever so slightly.

Julep's Bunny
Julep’s Bunny

But, the elusive gold isn’t a huge deal, but would have been nice if it showed up a bit more. The formula is very nice and two thin coats is all you need. It’s a great base for nail art and I doubt I’ll be wearing it alone without some sort of added nail art accessories. Now, if we could get those silly little bottles to have a growth spurt, that would be stupendous! Until then, I no longer have Maven status. 😉


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