Manis and lacquers

Breakwater, the perfect purple

Breakwater, the perfect purple

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for purple. I’m not a sucker for cream polishes. They…challenge me! I’ve gotten spoiled with shimmers, textures, glitters and holos. They cover a multitude of mistakes. Heaven knows with my old eyes I have to use glasses meant for Mr. Magoo. You see, he’s blind and…never mind. The point is, Cult Cosmetics polishes are amazingly user friendly!

Seriously, if you haven’t tried their polishes, rush over to and see what all the fuss is about. They have a very doable monthly subscription service where you get their “Blackbox” bundles. They come with at least two bottles of amazing polishes, plus art tools or other cosmetics. They also have mini boxes, which contain just two full size bottles, no extras. California based Cult cosmetics has everything from creams to metallics to glitters. Every one I’ve tried is perfection and I’m not being paid to say that. I’ve bought mine with my own money, just FYI. Oh and I apologize for my so-so photo! I’m on vacation without my beloved light box.

But getting back to the featured shade, Breakwater, it goes on like a dream. It is true, one coat and done as they say, but I’m normally a two coat gal just because. But it’s not necessary, and I used no topcoat…doesn’t need it! So glossy, I just didn’t see the need.

Also, check out their Facebook page at Hint: they constantly have contests and flash giveaways. In fact I’m awaiting arrival of a cute little set myself!

I highly recommend these polishes. The brushes are just right, formula is as easy as pie, and I love the easy-to-store square bottles.

Manis and lacquers

Silk purse, fixing a wretched mani

Maybe I’m spoiled with great lighting back home in my sunroom where I paint my nails. We are visiting my daughter and her hubby in Texas this week. Maybe I’m just out of my element. Or maybe the formula on Butter London’s bubblegum pink “Fruit Machine” is iffy! 😏 Two coats and still not happy with it. First coat, streaky and chalky. Second coat, not much better. WHY, WHY?!

I added a coat of BL’s shimmery jelly “Disco Biscuit” to my ring finger…meh. But Disco Biscuit is gorgeous with it’s jelly fuschia base and blue micro shimmer. I somewhat saved a wretched mani with floral stickers🌸 I’m feeling sort of glad I didn’t pay $15 on Fruit Machine! I jumped on ULTA’s 2/$15 Butter London sale last week. Then again, I’ll take another stab at it after I get home. It may do just fine. I own only two others, which I love…”Slapper” and “Knackered”.

So is it just me? Anyone else out there try this one and had the same reaction? The colors are pretty though! And I guess sometimes you just have to add nail art to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. 😉

Manis and lacquers

Close but no cigar…but close!

Close but no cigar...but close!

😉 My fellow polish geek (Sunonwater11) and I were having an Instagram chat about the similarities of these two polishes. Maybelline Color Show in Frozen Over and Sinful Colors Cinderella. I’ve owned the latter for about a year now and had never found a dupe. It’s a gorgeous pale blue with a hint of pink shimmer. Recently I found this Color Show for about half price on clearance at Target. I thought it was so close I had to do a comparison.

Frozen over is on the pointer on top, Cinderella on middle finger at bottom here.
Frozen over is on the pointer on top, Cinderella on middle finger at bottom here.

My Frozen Over by Color Show nail next to Cinderella bottle. Hard to capture the difference here. My Frozen Over by Color Show nail next to Cinderella bottle. Hard to capture the difference here.

My Cinderella nail next to Frozen Over bottle.
My Cinderella nail next to Frozen Over bottle.

I will mention that both formulas are sheer and watery, with the Color Show being the waterier. Is that even a word?! Both take a minimum of three coats, going as smooth as possible if you don’t want a patchy mess. It was all I could do to keep the Color Show from flooding my cuticle on the first try. But now I’ve got it’s number! Both have a gorgeous payoff. As usual, I can’t speak for how long each will last without chipping because paint never stays on long enough before I am on to the next swatch. Thank you for reading the lacquer-fumed ramblings of a polish hoarder! Please feel free to comment.

Manis and lacquers

Born Pretty homerun! Edited, read to the end.

Born Pretty homerun!

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about ordering nail polish that I’d never heard of or seen reviews. But these beautiful shades had me intrigued and judging by the gorgeous green I swatched the other day, I felt this would be a winner too. I wasn’t wrong! I can’t be certain but I think the name of this brand is BK? It’s all in Chinese so I can’t say for sure. No color name, just 24. But its gorgeous! Not what I’d consider a full size bottle as you can see here.

#24 of the BK line from the Born Pretty Store.
#24 of the BK line from the Born Pretty Store.

The color and texture reminds me a lot of Zoya Pixie Dust in Arabella. No, not a total dupe, but close enough. It doesn’t have that micro silver glitter in it but it shines on its own just fine. The formula is perfection and dries fast. Girls, this is ONE coat! Now I want to order more! Ya like? You can order yours and so many more pretty things at and use my 10% off discount code LDX31. use LDX31 for 10% off your order! use LDX31 for 10% off your order!

If you are considering doing blog reviews for this company, I want you to be aware of something. Communication with them has become increasingly spotty. They ask for product choices that you’d like to test and review. They send you items at their cost for this purpose. It started out fine from my first order. Fast forward to today, May 17, 2014, I have been volleying back and forth for 2 months. I sent them, at their request, items I’d like to review next. A full week later I get an email an item is out of stock. This is from their NEW ITEMS listing. So I go through the site, choose again, email. Wait two weeks for response. Etc, etc. Without giving you every ridiculous detail, either someone is “posing” as Alice, my previous contact, or she’s not making it into the office very often. I got an email this morning to give her a detailed choice of the last item replacement. I did. I never had this trouble ordering for myself with my own money or points. So, for you bloggers out there who are considering reviewing products for their blogger program, get ready for frustration. I want to be perfectly honest about this because I know that a lot of my readers are bloggers themselves. It’s not always easy dealing with a company in a foreign company. There are language and translation barriers. Culture differences at times and communication is most always somewhat delayed. But this is over the top. I’ve always been kind and understanding with BP store, but I think it’s time to convey the fact that this is bugging the tar out of me. I even chose a nail polish from their site for review, as the three polishes I bought before were nice. She emailed me two weeks later, they can’t send polish overseas. SAY WHAT?! Bogus. So there. This is off my chest and we will see where it goes from here. Have any of you had these issues with your contact? Let me know.

Manis and lacquers

All about the green, Revlon & Born Pretty

All about the green

Same mani, two looks. Say whaaaa?! 😉 well, this is what happens when you are being snowed in on a stormy mid-March Sunday. Disclaimer: forgive the rough iPhone selfies! I just intended these pics for Instagraming but wanted to share them with you, my loving followers!

Last night I painted my St. Patty’s Day mani using Zoya’s Pixie Dust in Solange on the accent nail, encrusted with fake emeralds. Then I finished her with two coats of the minty wonder, Wintermint by Revlon’s Parfumerie. Pretty huh? Then…

BK Perfect Crystal Sand in #05 from Bon Pretty store.
BK Perfect Crystal Sand in #05 from Bon Pretty store.

I decided since we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’d test out a recent purchase from The texture on #05 is ever so slight, so if you’re a texture virgin, this will be pleasing to you, all the glitz of a sparkly texture without the heavy grit. You know, the kind that will scar your cornea if you scratch your eyeball?! Lol now I’m dying to get more. They have many shades to choose from and although it takes a long time to ship, they are worth it. One note. They smell like Kleancolor polishes but this fades as it fully dries. You can always top it with a quick coat of Seche Vite if you can’t take the odor.

Here is my Born Pretty Dsicount code just for my lovelies! use LDX31 for 10% off your order! use LDX31 for 10% off your order!
Manis and lacquers

I Love my Sugar Daddy!

I Love my Sugar Daddy!

Well, I do! Ok, so after the 100s of bottles (you heard me…don’t judge 😉 I’ve acquired, I’m just now experiencing my first Deborah Lippmanns and I’m pretty excited about it.

I bought three last month at a HUGE discount from a wonderful online shop called Beauty Brands, In fact I believe they have brick and mortars too but you’ll have to see if they have any located near you. I was alerted thanks to Gianna at Her “sightings” enable the bargain hunter in all of us! Lol she had posted an amazing sale for Lippmann polishes for an average price of about $4.50 a bottle and I knew this was the only way to grab a few. Watch for future reviews here as I get them swatched!

Shown here, Sugar Daddy’s formula is glorious! That is the word I quite audibly uttered as I began painting my nails. This stunning duochrome transforms from a Rose fold to yellow gold depending on the light and direction. It’s a beautiful color-shifting lacquer.

Sugar Daddy in full sunlight
Sugar Daddy in full sunlight

I’m pretty sure it would have great staying power but I may never get a chance to test that out since I paint a new color every day or two. I have two more shades to feature and I’m seriously thinking about getting a deep purple I spied on I’d check them out from time to time if you’re looking for an affordable way to pick up some of these luxury polishes.

Manis and lacquers

Summery surprise in my BlackBox!

Summery surprise in my BlackBox!

Ocean blue hues inspired the beautiful PCH (or Pacific Coast Highway in case you’re not familiar with the gorgeous coast of Cali). I grew up in California and although I don’t miss the busier, more congested locations of the sunny State, I do have fond memories of the temperate climate, stunning coast and ohhh, the shopping!

Also included in my box was the coral creme polish called Avalon, which Cult Cosmetics says is “…inspired by the styles of the Hollywood DJ scene…”, but when I saw the name on the bottle I immediately thought of the quaint city of Avalon on Catalina Island. I’ve only been there once but it’s Mediterranean style and laid back atmosphere is hard to forget. This delicate but not understated coral one-coater is stunning. Swatches coming soon.

The pleasant surprise was this beautiful palette by BH Cosmetics. It contains 16 nicely pigmented eyeshadows (both matte and shimmer) and 4 generous face powders, including a highlighter, bronzer, peachy blush and a neutral tan. A perfect combo for that sun-kissed look. The eyeshadows range from a pearl cream highlighter, to deep blues, teals, greens and browns. The whole beachey package is heavy and well made, with magnets for securing each flap, and a nice mirror. The only issue I have with the palette is the magnets are very strong and it’s difficult to keep the whole trio open without it closing itself back up again, all on it’s own. I ended up placing an object between the creases to keep it open. But I think maybe in time these may loosen up.

The BlackBox by Cult Cosmetics of California is a monthly subscription service. I’m not going to quote the monthly fee because it may change by the time someone reads this later on.

You can find more info and pricing at Cult Cosmetics polishes are Vegan, 5-FREE, never Animal-Tested and are proprietary One&Done™ single-coat formulas.

Here is a quote from Cult: “One & Done™ promise: CULT makes a polish that goes on full and thick the very first time. Too many nail polishes require 2-3 watery applications before you get full coverage. Not CULT – it goes on once…and you’re done!”
I can verify their polishes are amazing! The formulas are a dream to work with.