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Glitter Lambs’ sweet surprise

on February 21, 2014

Glitter Lambs' sweet surprise

Here are two more amazing creations from Jamie at Glitter Lambs Polish. Get this…this decadent polish, Banana Split, smells like a banana split, for real! I could smell it right through the package as I took it out of the mailbox. At first it had me worried. I was afraid maybe something broke during shipping. But everything was in tact and all the bottles were in perfect shape, and beautiful to behold!

Macro shot if Banana Split

Macro shot of Banana Split

I opted for a yellow undie, the color of a banana peel, and a chocolate brown on the accent, because I LOVE chocolate ice cream with bananas.

Scented or non scented Banana Split, your choice!

Scented or non scented Banana Split, your choice!

It has a clear base with very pastel matte yellow hexies? It also has white hexies like whip cream and red hexies representing the cherries, plus white holographic glitter. It’s a delicious combination with so many possibilities. Banana Split is now available for preorder! Use their coupon code HEART15 on $30.00 or more to get 15% off on ALL OF Glitter Lambs POLISHES. Tell Jamie I sent ya!

Next I give you, Cool Whip. And although it’s not scented, it’s a creamy bottle of goodness, and no calories ;-).

Creamy dreamy Cool Whip

Creamy dreamy Cool Whip

I painted this vision in white over a pastel mint. One coat of this topper and you’ll ooh and ahh just like I did!

Cool Whip goes with everything!

Cool Whip goes with everything!

This stunner is in a clear base filled with holographic white glitter that shifts to pink, White Stars, White Hearts, Silver Dots which I love and really sets this one apart, White Shreds, and very tiny white hex glitter. The whole combo is a delicate masterpiece!

Cool Whip up close!

Cool Whip up close!

I’ve got more coming so stay tuned. And head on over to Glitter Lambs Polish and tell Jamie I sent ya! Find her wonderful creations at


4 responses to “Glitter Lambs’ sweet surprise

  1. LOVE THE WRITE UPS and the props and especially that banana split!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ Thank you!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Pcbeachcondo says:

    Awe Jamie, it’s totally my pleasure. Your polishes are so fun to work with! Such beauties!

  3. Jaime Smith (The Polished Butterfly) says:

    Lovely Lori! I love your props as you know and the glitters are pretty! great shots!

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