Manis and lacquers

Wish On A Starfish…mani!


As you will see, I can’t leave well enough alone. Read on!

I was so excited the other day to see my local Ulta selling the 2014 Sea Goddess Collection. The six sandy textured and very sparkly line of beachworthy shades are stunning to be sure. I bought one there for $10, but have since discovered you can get them for $5.99-$6.99 at Sally Beauty (depending on whether you have a membership card).

Shades include:
• Sand Dolla Make You Holla (a white sandy base with multicolored micro sparkles scattered throughout) and I think they missed the mark on that one. Being the beach lover that I am, I’d have liked to have seen them include a white sand shade with glints of micro holo glitters within.
• Wish On A Starfish, my fave of the lot, is a shimmery soft pink with sparkles of gold. In fact, that golden glimmer almost transforms this pink into a pale coral. It depends on the lighting. Oh my how gorgeous. It reminds me of the pink and golden shades of sunsets at our beach in Florida.
• Shall We Dance? is a darker pink with tiny darker glitter of pink. Meh, it’s pretty but I’ve got some textures in that shade. Tail Me Something is a pretty medium lavender with glitters that make it blindingly shiny. So pretty!
• Seahorsin’ Around is a stunning and glittery aquamarine blue. It should look amazing with a tan.
• Teal The Tide Turns is a pale minty teal with dark teal glitters. I’m pretty positive this will end up on my plate!

Wish On A Starfish...with a starfish!
Wish On A Starfish…with a starfish!

I chose Wish On A Starfish for starters. Then the next morning after application I decided it would be fun to stick with the theme and actually paint a starfish on my middle nail. To get the look with my dotting tool, I used Zoya’s Pixie Dust in Destiny for the starfish, Zoya’s Godiva PD for the starfishes dots, then Godiva for a bit of beach sand, and followed up with a bit of seawater using Zoya’s Nyx and Sunshine PDs. I don’t often do true nail art, but when I do…I make a mess! On these seemingly endless frigid winter days, it’s kind of nice to think about the beach. I’m no sea goddess, but at least my nails can shine like the sun!


4 thoughts on “Wish On A Starfish…mani!”

  1. These look so cute!! Ik sally’s is having a one day special on China glaze for $3.99. I plan on picking up this pink one for sure!!

    1. I know Sally’s is having a great sale on CGs, but since this is a special collection, they might not honor that price. It’s hard to say! It may depend on the Sally where you shop. Mine tend to be sometimes clueless about their own specials and I have to show them the ad. Lol

      1. I asked them when I went on Wednesday and they said its valid on all of them this Monday . Its on their website too. The first 14 days of February they have a different daily special.

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