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Thank you Ulta!

on February 7, 2014

Thank you Ulta!

You can get this nice little gift set from Ulta when you buy two Zoya polishes. I bought Odette and Erika. This is “while supplies last”. 1oz Remove, full size Hot Lips in Glossy Balm in Flirty, mini Anchor base coat, and mini Matte top coat. It seems from what I’ve read that whether you’re required to buy reg price polishes as opposed to clearance bottles is up to the store’s discretion. I also purchased one bottle, “Wish On A Starfish”, from the new China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection of springtime textured polishes. It’s gorgeous and I’ll be posting a review here soon. However, just a heads up, they charge $10 at Ulta for them and then I find out I could have gotten it at Sally Beauty for $5.99! Say what?! Seriously, that’s a huge difference. I’m considering returning it before I use it and ask for a price match. If they won’t play ball, I’ll ask for a refund and jog over to Sally! Have you gotten any of the gorgeous CG Sea Goddess shades and what to you pay?


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