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An Ode to Odette

on February 7, 2014

An Ode to Odette

I never thought I’d like these neutrals with my current complexion…winter blah. When I finally got over to my local Ulta store I found Zoya’s Naturel Collection in force. Luckily they had a “color spoon” set there with the whole collection painted on plastic nails. That way shoppers can hold them to their fingers to see if they like them. Admitedly, I knew the first two pale shades, Chantal and Taylor, were going to be a no-go for me. Not until at least I have a tan! It just made me look, sort of dead! LOL I am interested in Rue and Brigitte however and plan to pick them up at some point. The darkest sister, Normani? I just don’t see that one on me at all. Not even with a tan. So for starters, Odette won me over.

I’ve been neglecting buying plain Jane creams for some time but I’m branching out. I am smitten by glitters, shimmers, glass flecks, holos, duochromes, multichromes. Well you get the idea. I’m easily hypnotized by all that sparkly! But there are times a girl just wants something soft and smooth and delicate on the eyes. Zoya’s Naturel Collection fills that bill and all within the Pantone 2014 arena. I think beautiful was a perfect one to get me back on the neutral cream track.

She's a beauty!

She’s a beauty!

Odette had me a tad worried on the first coat. I wasn’t expecting, or I’m not used to thinner formulas, but she evened out nicely. As is typical for Zoya brushes, they are amazing and splay perfectly for even distribution. For best effect and full coverage you’ll want two coats. Zoya claims color intensity is a 5 on a scale of 1-5 for opacity. I’m confused about the claim of being in the color family of Mauve, because in the description Zoya notes this shade to be a “sultry orchid maroon”. I’m going to go with that! 😉 I just have to say, I love it and oh by the way, she dries glossy enough to almost see yourself. An extra feather in her cap. So this is my ode to Odette. You pulled me in, you won my heart, and that my friend is just the start.

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